Prior Approval Requirements

Several provisions of both administrative and cost principles require UNLV to obtain prior approval from an awarding agency before making certain changes during an award period. While OMB has routinely tried to reduce the number of prior approval requirements, a few remain. Please contact OSP for any change requiring prior approval or to identify whether prior authorization is necessary.

Prior approval requirements that are required regardless of award terms and conditions include:

  • Changes in project scope or objectives
  • Changes in key personnel
  • Absence of the principal investigator/project director for more than three months
  • Reduction in effort by the PI of 25 percent or more
  • The need for additional funding
  • Other approvals as prescribed by Circular A-110 and individual agency guidelines

Areas that may or may not require prior approval depending on the award terms and conditions include:

  • No cost extensions
  • Budget reallocations
  • Incurring pre-award costs