Seeking funding and Proposal Submission 

Grant & Contracts

Acceptance and Management of Award

Post Award - Financial

Billing to sponsor and internal accounting

Communications Manager Research Administrators Research Administrators Contract Manager Financial Research Administrators

(duties listed below only pertain to OSP; this position has several other responsibilities)

  • Pivot Training and Searches for Faculty
  • Initiates and Manages Limited Submission Process
  • Prepares and Emails OSP Weekly
  • Answer eligibility questions from faculty on 
    RFPs / program solicitations
  • Read and review RFPs / program solicitations
  • Review/Assist with budget and budget justification
  • Initiate proposal in ASSIST,, and other sponsor portals - Faculty must initiate proposals in NSF Fastlane/, NASA INSPIRES, some Department of Energy and other non-profit portals
  • Register for any new sponsor portals and register / approve PI s and staff in sponsor portals
  • Review and forward F&A waivers for approval
  • Ensure PI is eligible; if not, review and forward PI eligibility / Co-PI eligibility request and forward for approval
  • Ensure that IRB protocol is pending
  • Input budget and budget justifications into a variety of sponsor portals
  • Request Proposal Routing Forms, review, correct and finalize form for input into database
  • Complete incoming Subrecipient Questionnaires and Letters of Commitment
  • Request Subaward Information at Proposal Stage  (SOW, Budget, Justification, LOC, Subrecipient Commitment Form)
  • Contact Sponsor for RFP clarifications
  • Determine Gift vs Sponsored Project
  • Provide training to PI's and staff on agency proposal guidelines and budget development
  • Inform faculty of proposal deadlines
  • Enforce proposal deadline policy
  • Review all proposal elements for compliance prior to submission
  • Submit proposals on behalf of UNLV
  • JIT requests, rebudgets, other support, IRB etc.
  • Supplemental Fund Requests
  • Provide training to faculty

(Please note all contract related documents begin with the college/unit designated RA for Grants and Contacts)

  • Receipt and review of awards (non- contracts)
  • Prepare award documents and budget(s) for entry into Workday
  • Review awards for IRB, IACUC, export control, participant support, Extra Contractual Compensation (ECC), short turn around time, reporting requirements, special conditions (e.g., prior approvals), etc.
  • Requests to sponsor for no cost extensions, PI change, changes in scope, additional funding
  • Preparation of documents and correspondence regarding transfer of awards from and to UNLV
  • Prepare subaward agreements and modifications for review by Contract Manager
  • Review and approve/disapprove buyout and ECC requests from faculty
  • Ensure that programmatic reporting deadlines are completed and uploaded into Workday
  • Prepare corrections such as adding GR lines and other award information in Workday
  • Answer faculty questions on awards (allowability of expense, whether prior approval is necessary, etc.)
  • Provide training to faculty
  • Review task orders under Master Agreements, get Contract Manager approval to move forward; execute and prepare documents for Workday entry
  • Begin Close-out process
  • Submit reports that require AO submission (RPPR's)
  • Carryover Requests to Sponsor (w/budget)
  • Establish Risk Accounts
  • Annual Non-competing continuation (HRSA and CDC requires these often)
  • Review and negotiate unfunded agreements such as:
  • Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs) - (incoming only)
  • Data Use Agreements (DUAs) - (outgoing and incoming)
  • Master Service Agreements (MSAs) - new and amendments
  • Collaboration Agreements
  • Equipment and Vehicle Loan Agreements
  • Facility Access Agreements
  • MOUs
  • User Agreements
  • Visiting Researcher Agreements
  • Review awards at set up to ensure correct worktags selected (Fund, Function, Cost Center, Revenue, etc.)
  • Approve P-card purchases, purchase orders, payroll accounting adjustments
  • Review cost transfers
  • Identify billing variances, resolve and correct
  • Prepare and submit invoices
  • Prepare letter of credit draw-downs
  • Create supplier contracts and amend as necessary for subawards
  • Record, apply A/R and customer payments
  • Federal Financial Reporting
  • Monitor account activity and reconcile accounts to assure all account activity is related to project and is charged appropriately
  • Train/Inform faculty on corrective actions
  • Reference agency guidelines to ensure budget adjustments are in compliance
  • Cost Share Reporting to sponsors
  • Follow up on aging accounts
  • Assist with compiling audit files and backup documentation
  • Answer faculty account questions
  • Award Close Out (final revenue, assets, reports and close in Workday)
  • Process subaward invoices
  • Process budget amendments/reallocations
  • JV preparation/input for F&A adj, variance resolution, etc.
  • Monthly review of awards and budget reports to check for overdrafts and expenditure activity (non-spending, under spending)