Seeking funding and Proposal Submission 

Grant & Contracts

Acceptance and Management of Award

Post Award - Financial

Billing to sponsor and internal accounting

Research, Scholarly and Creative Activities Development Manager Research Administrators Research Administrators Contract Manager Research Administrators
  • Initiates and manages Limited Submission Process
  • Assist with finding and announcing external funding opportunities
  • Pivot training and searches for faculty
  • Creates and manages OSP Weekly
  • Creates and manages OSP Funding Fridays
  • Administers internal faculty awards for VPRs office (Faculty Opportunity Awards (FOAs), Harry Reid Silver State Research Award, Barrick Scholar Awards and NV Regents’ Awards)
  • Point of Contact for Competitive Proposal Submissions
  • Proposal Preparation
    • Review application guidelines
    • Review all application requirements including eligibility, special components, deadlines, etc.
    • Review budget
  • Proposal submission
  • Assist with post-submission requests (prior to award)
  • Provide guidance and answer questions regarding any competitive funding opportunities
  • PI or Dept registration or account approval for any sponsor application portals
  • Point of Contact for Non-Competitive Proposal Submissions (guaranteed funds
  • Review/accept all grant awards
  • Work with Contract Manager to review/execute all contract awards and outgoing subawards
  • Review, execute, process all post award modifications including federally funded outgoing subaward modifications (NCEs, Addtl $, PI Change, etc.)
  • Work with Grants Analyst to process all awards for initial account set up and modifications in Workday
  • Contact for all prior approval requests to sponsor
  • Submit any technical reporting to sponsor requiring AOR approval
  • Work with RAs to review, negotiate and obtain signature for all contract awards
  • Reviews, negotiates and obtains OSP signature for all unfunded agreements (Incoming MTAs, NDAs, Master Agmts, Collaboration Agmts, MOUs, etc.)
  • Provide review of any application terms or agreement terms during proposal stage for Pre Award Team
  • Creates and finalizes all outing subawards and non-federally funded modifications
  • Creates and reviews Notices of Termination
  • Review awards at Initial Account Set Up and Award Modifications in Workday
  • Prepare and Submit Billing and Invoices to Sponsors, including Processing Subaward Invoices and any Cost Share Reporting
  • Prepare LOC Draw-Downs for Federal Sponsors and Financial Reporting
  • Process Budget Amendments/Reallocations
  • Prepare and submit invoices
  • Prepare letter of credit draw-downs
  • Create supplier contracts and amend as necessary for subawards
  • Create Supplier Contracts and Amendments for Subawards
  • Approve P-card Purchases, POs, Payroll Accounting Adjustments
  • Award Close Out: Final Revenue, Assets, Reports, etc. in Workday