Year Recipient Department
2023 Francis Cucinotta
Matthew Lachniet
Health Physics & Diagnostic Sciences
2022 Katherine Hertlein Psychiatry and Behavioral Health
  Edwin Oh Internal Medicine
2021 Shahram Latifi Electrical and Computer Engineering
  Jichun Li Mathematical Sciences
2020 Brian Hedlund Life Sciences
2019 Sajjad Ahmad Civil and Environmental Engineering and Construction
2018 Evelyn Gajowski English
2017 Seyhmus Baloglu
Dennis Bazlinski
Life Sciences
2016 Kwang Kim
Claudia Keelan
2015 Clemens Heske Chemistry
  Debra Martin Anthropology
2014 Pushkin Kachroo  Electrical & Computer Engineering
  Russell Hurlburt Psychology
2013 Yi-Tung Chen

Mechanical Engineering

  Marta Meana Psychology
2012 Bradley Donohue   Psychology
  Bing Zhang Physics & Astronomy
2011 Daniel Allen Psychology
  Gabriele Wulf Kinesiology and Nutrition Sciences
2010 William Jankowiak Anthropology
  Dennis Lindle Chemistry
2009 Christopher Blakesley Boyd School of Law
  Lawrence Walker School of Life Sciences
2008 Charles Whitney English
  Richard Wiley Black Mountain Institute
2007 Biswajit Das Electrical & Computer Engineering
  Paul Schollmeier Philosophy
2006 Stanley Smith Biological Sciences
  Gerald Weeks

Marriage, Family & Community Counseling

2005 Terance Miethe Criminal Justice
  Thomas Wright History
2004 Gregory Schraw Educational Psychology
  Alan Simmons Anthropology
2003 Joseph Fry History 
  Richard Harp English
2001 John Bowers English
  Hal Rothman History
  Mark Weinstein English
2000 Christopher Kearney Psychology
  Carol Kimball Music
1999 Richard Jenson Communications
1998 Maurice Finocchiaro Philosophy
1997 Warren Burggren Biological Sciences
  Joseph Mccullough English
1996 Darrell Pepper Mechanical Engineering
  Peter Shiue Mathematics
1995 Darlene Unrue English
1994 Robert Boehm Mechanical Engineering
1993 Rick Tilman Public Administration
1991 Martha Knack Anthropology
  Corina Mathieu Foreign Languages
1990 Thomas Clark English
  Terry Knapp Psychology
1989 Catherine Bellver Foreign Languages
  Sheilagh Brooks Anthropology
  Mohamed Yousef Biological Sciences
1988 Craig Walton Philosophy
  Claude Warren


1986 Maurice Finocchiaro Philosophy
1985 Marie France Hilgar

Foreign Languages

1983 Laurence Golding Kinesiology
1982 Terry Crawford Theatre
  James Deacon Biological Sciences
  Mohamed Yousef Biological Sciences
1981 Maurice Finocchiaro Philosophy
  Michael Goldberg Mathematics