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Alan Simmons

Distinguished Professor Emeritus



Much of Alan Simmons' research focuses around an event that occurred about 10,000 years ago: the transition from hunting and gathering economies to ones based on food production. This so-called "Neolithic Revolution" was one of the most momentous transformations to occur in society and has irreversibly affected the human condition. The Neolithic was not only an economic transition but also a social one, and it shaped the modern world, both for better and for worse. Through the interdisciplinary study of the processes leading to food production and its consequences, we not only obtain a better understanding of why this happened in the past but also gain valuable insight into the present. Simmons has studied the Neolithic primarily in the Near East and the Mediterranean as well as the American Southwest.


Ph.D.: Southern Methodist University, 1980

Research Interests

Archaeology, arid lands adaptations, cultural heritage management, archaeological ethics, research design, paleoeconomy, multidisciplinary research, Neolithic societies, island colonization, Near East, Mediterranean Island, Desert West.