Headshot of Stanley D. Smith

Stanley D. Smith

Professor Emeritus


Smith is currently serving as the acting dean of the College of Sciences, which includes the departments of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Geoscience, Mathematical Sciences, Physics and Astronomy, and the School of Life Sciences. As a faculty member, Smith is a life sciences professor, specializing in desert ecology and the effects of global change on desert ecosystems. He received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from New Mexico State University and his Ph.D. from Arizona State University. After a two-year postdoctoral fellowship at UCLA, two years as an assistant professor at the Desert Research Institute in Reno, and a visiting fellowship at the Australian National University in Canberra, he joined the UNLV faculty in 1986. He has authored more than 100 peer-reviewed publications that have collectively been cited over 9,000 times, and has received UNLV’s two highest research awards — the Harry Reid Silver State Research Award (2003) and the Barrick Distinguished Scholar Award (2006).


Research Administration, Desert Ecology, Physiological Ecology, Global Change

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