Our Mission Statement

The primary mission of RebelCard Services Center is to support the Academic Mission of the institution by providing identification and transaction services that enhance the daily lives of university community members and guests.

The RebelCard is your official UNLV ID during your entire affiliation with the University. It can be used at the library and many other facilities on campus. You can also deposit money to your card called RebelCash. RebelCash can be used at participating locations on and off campus. Best of all, if you use RebelCash at on-campus dining locations you don't have to pay sales tax on your purchase. RebelCard Terms & Conditions Dislosure Statement.

RebelCard – Your Official UNLV ID

Check out books from the library, use as your room key if you live on campus, and more.

RebelCash – Add Money to Your Card

Pay for photocopies, buy snacks, dine on and off campus, and more.

ATM/PIN-Debit Card

When your RebelCard is linked to a US Bank checking account, you can use it to make PIN-debit purchases* using your Personal Identification Number and for free access to US Bank ATMs nationwide.