Deactivate Your Card

Stop in the RebelCard Services Center during normal business hours. You can also log into the RebelCard Online Card Office to deactivate your card. Once deactivated, a Frozen RebelCard cannot be reactivated and you will need to come into our office to purchase a replacement card.

Lost & Found

There are several Lost & Founds areas on campus. We recommend checking these areas before deactivating your card or purchasing a new one. Lost & Founds are located in the following locations:

  • RebelCard Services Center
  • Student Recreation & Wellness Center (SRWC)
  • Lied Library
  • Public Safety Building

Replace Your Card

If you are unable to find your lost RebelCard at the various Lost & Founds across campus, a new RebelCard can only be issued in the RebelCard Service Center for a fee of $25.

More detailed information regarding lost or stolen cards can be found in our Disclosure Statements.

Lost Card Drop Boxes

Lost card drop boxes are located around campus. If you find a lost RebelCard, place it in one of these boxes or deliver it directly to our office. The drop boxes can be found in:

  • The Student Union
  • The Student Recreation and Wellness Center
  • The Hazel M. Wilson Dining Commons
  • Lied Library
  • Dayton Residence Complex
  • Tonopah Residence Complex
Lost Card Drop Box