Lost Card Information

Has your card been lost or stolen? Deactivate your card right away to keep your RebelCash and ID secure.

Deactivate Your Card

Stop in the RebelCard Services Center during normal business hours. You can also log into the RebelCard Online Card Office to deactivate your card. Once deactivated, a Frozen RebelCard cannot be reactivated and you will need to come into our office to purchase a replacement card.

Lost & Found

There are several Lost & Founds areas on campus. We recommend checking these areas before deactivating your card or purchasing a new one. Lost & Founds are located in the following locations:

  • RebelCard Services Center
  • Student Recreation & Wellness Center (SRWC)
  • Lied Library
  • Public Safety Building

Replace Your Card

If you are unable to find your lost RebelCard at the various Lost & Founds across campus, a new RebelCard can only be issued in the RebelCard Service Center for a fee of $20.

More detailed information regarding lost or stolen cards can be found in our Disclosure Statements.

Lost Card Drop Boxes

Lost card drop boxes are located around campus. If you find a lost RebelCard, place it in one of these boxes or deliver it directly to our office. The drop boxes can be found in:

  • The Student Union
  • The Student Recreation and Wellness Center
  • The Hazel M. Wilson Dining Commons
  • Lied Library
  • Dayton Residence Complex
  • Tonopah Residence Complex
Lost Card Drop Box