You can use RebelCash at the bookstore, in the Dining Commons, and in the Student Union. In fact, you can use it all over campus, and even at some off-campus locations. You already carry it with you as your ID, so you might as well get all the perks of using it as your UNLV "debit card."

  • Log into your account, check your balance, and deposit money to your RebelCash account.

  • Find out what to do if your card gets lost or stolen.

  • Discover where to spend your RebelCash.

  • Get answers to all of your RebelCard and RebelCash questions.

  • Get Dining Dollars credited to your RebelCard when you purchase a meal plan. Get more information on Dining Dollars and meal plans by visiting UNLV Dining. Meal Plans and Dining Dollars can also be purchased in our office, tax free.