*Starting July 1st, all RebelCard fees will be $25 except the Broken and Guest Card Fee.

Card Rate
Non-Degree Seeking Card $25
Lost Card $25
Broken Card $15
SRWC Card $25
OLLI Card $25
Intern/Visiting Scholar Card $25
Continuing Education Card $25
Guest Card $5
Medical Faculty/Staff/Residents/Fellows $25
Volunteer Card $25
NSHE Card $25
Activity Reader Rental $50 per day

First Undergraduate and Graduate Cards are paid through Orientation Fees. First cards for Faculty/Staff are covered by the University

Card Care

Your campus ID is a contactless smartcard that contains an integrated chip and antenna that allow for fast, more convenient and more secure transactions at the tap of the card.

Due to its internal components, certain handling guidelines and care of the card should be followed at all times. Failure to follow these guidelines may compromise the performance of the embedded technology.


  • Bend, bite, or twist the card
  • Carry the card unprotected, including in a pocket or backpack
  • Wash in a laundry machine
  • Expose to extreme heat of any kind, including clothes dryers, clothes irons, direct sunlight, or open flame 
  • Place within a metal phone case or next to a metal phone or other metal object
  • Punch holes in the card at any time


  • Place the card inside a plastic or rubberized protector, including a phone case or ID card holder. While the typical read range of the card is 1-2 inches, placing the card inside a thick protective material may slightly shorten the read range.
  • If necessary, clean your card with a soft, non-scratching cloth and water

Please contact the campus card office with any questions.