Frequently Asked Questions

What are the RebelCard office hours?

Please refer to our homepage for the most updated hours.

Where is the RebelCard office located?

The RebelCard office is located inside the Student Union, room 118, which is on the first floor between Starbucks and U.S. Bank.

What can my RebelCard be used for?

The RebelCard is the official identification card for all members of the UNLV campus community. You can also use it to:

  • Pay for copies at photocopiers
  • Check-out books from the library
  • Access meal plans at the Dining Commons
  • Make purchases on and off campus using RebelCash
  • And much more

Read the About RebelCard page for more information.

How can I or my parents deposit money onto my RebelCard?

You can deposit funds using VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover or cash in the RebelCard office during business hours or online. Both options have a $10 minimum. No loose change / coin is accepted. You may also add money to your account at any value transfer station (RDM) using cash.

What is a Value Transfer Station (RDM) machine and where are they located?

RDM looks much like an ATM and lets you deposit cash into your RebelCash account in denominations of $1, $5, $10, and $20 bills. RDM machines do not give change.

RDM machines are located at the following locations:

Where can I get more information on RebelCard?

Please visit our office in the Student Union, or visit About RebelCard for more information. You can also check your RebelCash balance and your past transactions at the Online Card Office.

How much is a new card if I lose it?

Lost cards are $20. Broken cards presented in our office are $10.

What is the cost of a RebelCard?

For a first-time undergraduate, gradute, or faculty, it is free.

Can RebelCash be used to pay tuition?

No, RebelCash cannot be used to pay tuition.