What are the RebelCard office hours?

Please refer to our homepage for the most updated hours.

Where is the RebelCard office located?

The RebelCard office is located inside the Student Union, room 118, which is on the first floor between Starbucks and U.S. Bank.

What can my RebelCard be used for?

The RebelCard is the official identification card for all members of the UNLV campus community. You can also use it to:

  • Pay for copies at photocopiers
  • Check-out books from the library
  • Access meal plans at the Dining Commons
  • Make purchases on and off campus using RebelCash
  • And much more

Read the About RebelCard page for more information.

How can I or my parents deposit money onto my RebelCard?

You can deposit funds using a credit or debt card in the RebelCard office during business hours or through the online portal. There is a $10 minimum to deposit in office. No cash or loose change/coin is accepted.

What is a RebelCash Deposit Machine (RDM) and where are they located?

RDM looks much like an ATM and lets you check your RebelCash balance. Visit our RDM Locations page for a list of available locations.

Where can I get more information on RebelCard?

Please visit our office in the Student Union, or visit About RebelCard for more information. You can also check your RebelCash balance and your past transactions at the Online Card Office.

How much is a new card if I lose it?

Lost cards are $25. Broken cards presented in our office are $15.

What is the cost of a RebelCard?

The cost of first time undergraduate and graduate cards are paid for through your orientation fees. Faculty and all staff have the cost of their card covered by the university. Check our Rates and Fees page for the cost of the other cards we offer.

Can RebelCash be used to pay tuition?

No, RebelCash cannot be used to pay tuition.

What if I don't have a photo ID?

If you do not have a photo ID such as a passport or drivers license you can still be issued a RebelCard. Applicants would need to bring in a copy of all of the following: Social Security Card, Birth Certificate and a Utility Bill or other bill with their current address. 

Who is eligible to receive a RebelCard?

Anyone enrolled in a UNLV class or program is eligible for a RebelCard. All Faculty/Staff employed by the University are also eligible to receive a RebelCard. 

What is a Student Recreation and Wellness Center (SRWC) card and how can I get one?

The SRWC card is issued to community members who are not enrolled in UNLV or employed by it but would still like to use the Recreation Facility. A valid membership must be purchased at the SRWC before a card can be issued. The membership receipt, a photo ID and the $25 fee must be presented at the RebelCard office for the card to be issued.

How can I close out my RebelCast?

Account closures can be processed for students or faculty/staff that have large amounts of RebelCash on their account. Account closures can be requested around graduation or when leaving the university. The close account form needs to be filled out and turned into the RebelCard office for an account closure to be processed. There is a $20 processing fee for any account closure. A review of the account will take place, and any deposits made online in the last 6 months, will be refunded to the credit card used. Any cash deposits will be sent by check in 4-6 weeks. Any RebelCash awards posted to the account are not refundable.

How can I get a card as a CSN student employed at UNLV as a student worker?

CSN students who are employed as UNLV student workers may be eligible to receive a RebelCard. RebelCards will be issued to these individuals on a case-by-case basis.

Do I need to get a new RebelCard every year?

RebelCards do not need to be replaced each year. Your card will be valid the whole time you are registered as a student or employed by the University.

How can I get a RebelCash refund?

In certain circumstances, such as a printing error, RebelCash can be refunded to a requesters account. A refund request form can be filled out in the RebelCard office. The RebelCard office will review the refund request and return money to the account within 5 business days. Refund requests cannot be processed for vending machine errors, such requests will need to be directed to First Class Vending.

What is Grubhub+?

Grubhub+ is our monthly membership program. Grubhub+ members get unlimited FREE delivery on orders of $12+ from restaurants in the Grubhub+ network, have access to elite Care, and more!

How does it work?

After joining, look for the Grubhub+ badge next to a restaurant’s name or use the Grubhub+ filter to search for participating restaurants. Order from any of these restaurants and free delivery will automatically apply at checkout. There are no special codes required and no limits on how many orders you can place per month.

Are there any exceptions?

Unfortunately, orders containing alcohol don’t qualify for Grubhub+ benefits. This means, even if a restaurant displays a Grubhub+ badge, we can’t offer free delivery on these orders. However, you’ll still receive your elite Care benefits.