Office for Academic Resources

The Office of Academic Resources is committed to providing high-quality service in support of academic and research personnel and budget for all areas that directly or indirectly report to the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost.

New Division Structure

Division of Academic Recruitment and Compensation

  • Classifications
  • Compensation
  • Salary Adjustments
  • ECC

Division of Budgeting and Finance

  • Special Student Fees
  • PTI Budgeting
  • Academic Self Supporting Budgeting
  • Academic Administrative Transactions: hosting; travel; purchasing


  1. Effort Buyout
  2. Extra-Contractual Compensation (ECC) & Summer Salary/Summer ECC
  3. Recruiting & Hiring Plans Process
  4. Part-Time Instruction Budgets
  5. Procurement and Accounting
    • Host / Travel / Expense Reimbursements / PCard Transactions for Deans and Vice Provosts are submitted for review.
    • Academic Resources reviews documentation, compliance, and funding source.  Follow-up with the dean or the Vice Provost’s office, if needed.
    • Academic Resources obtains final approval signatures of forms routed outside of Workday.
    • Academic Resources returns signed documentation to dean or Vice Provost’s office for upload in Workday.
    • Dean or VP’s office initiates Workday transaction and attaches all documentation with the Provost’s approval signature.
    • The business process for expense reimbursements ends once the Workday transaction reaches Accounts Payable. 
  6. Self-Supporting Budgets



Lauren Calise

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