New Division Structure

Division of Academic Recruitment and Compensation

  • Classifications
  • Compensation
  • Salary Adjustments
  • ECC

Division of Budgeting and Finance

  • Special Student Fees
  • PTI Budgeting
  • Academic Self Supporting Budgeting
  • Academic Administrative Transactions: hosting; travel; purchasing


  1. Effort Buyout
  2. Extra-Contractual Compensation (ECC) & Summer Salary/Summer ECC
  3. Recruiting & Hiring Plans Process
  4. Part-Time Instruction Budgets
  5. Procurement and Accounting
    • Host / Travel / Expense Reimbursements / PCard Transactions for Deans and Vice Provosts are submitted for review.
    • Academic Resources reviews documentation, compliance, and funding source.  Follow-up with the dean or the Vice Provost’s office, if needed.
    • Academic Resources obtains final approval signatures of forms routed outside of Workday.
    • Academic Resources returns signed documentation to dean or Vice Provost’s office for upload in Workday.
    • Dean or VP’s office initiates Workday transaction and attaches all documentation with the Provost’s approval signature.
    • The business process for expense reimbursements ends once the Workday transaction reaches Accounts Payable. 
  6. Self-Supporting Budgets


Mailing Address

Office of Executive Vice President and Provost
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Mail Stop: 1002
4505 S. Maryland Pkwy.
Las Vegas, NV 89154



  • 702-895-4054

Campus Location

Staff Directory

Gina Strebel, M.P.A.

Assistant Vice President, Academic Resources
Office: FDH 417
Mail Code: 2038
Phone: 702-895-4665

Deb Powell

Executive Director, Academic Resources
Office: FDH 414
Mail Code: 2038
Phone: 702-895-3777

Carla Zimmerman

Administrative Assistant
Office: FDH 413
Mail Code: 2038
Phone: 702-895-0404

Mary Brady, B.B.A.

Business & Finance Manager
Office: FDH 422
Mail Code: 2038
Phone: 702-895-1558

Lauren Calise

Administrative Coordinator
Phone: 702-895-0199

Chelsea Herrington

Budget Analyst
Office: FDH 418
Mail Code: 2038
Phone: 702-895-0216

Sherry Marks

Business & Finance Manager
Office: FDH 416
Mail Code: 2038
Phone: 702-895-5293

Diane Mendolla

Administrative Coordinator
Phone: 702-895-5964

Mary Phillips

Personnel Analyst 1
Phone: 702-895-5463

Pete Reyes

Senior Compensation Analyst
Office: FDH 421
Mail Code: 2038
Phone: 702-895-2942

Brian Steen

Senior Compensation Analyst / Academic Specialist
Phone: 702-895-0199