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Office of Academic Resources

Providing HR and budget support for the academic enterprise of UNLV


The mission of the Office of Academic Resources is to support the Executive Vice President and Provost with the strategic management of financial and human resources. We aim to empower our academic community, including faculty, administrative personnel, and support staff, to drive UNLV’s progress as a leading research institution.

Primary Responsibilities

The Office of Academic Resources carries out a wide range of functions and tasks, with its core responsibilities spread across two primary areas.

Recruitment and Compensation

  • Managing faculty recruitment processes
  • Overseeing faculty compensation reviews, including position classifications, salary adjustments, stipends, and extra-contractual compensation (ECC)
  • Appointing academic leaders (e.g., department chairs, program directors, and associate deans)

Budget and Finance

  • Supporting financial planning and resource allocation
  • Administering Provost’s office accounts
  • Processing transactions (e.g., hosting, travel, and purchasing)
  • Reviewing fee proposals
  • Coordinating with other units on financial matters

Upcoming Deadlines

  • Spring Effort Buyout Requests – Due February 1
  • Differential Program Fee Proposals – Due May 1
  • Special Course Fee Proposals – Due May 1
  • Student Fee Proposals – Due May 1
  • Fall Effort Buyout Requests – Due October 1

Note: If the date falls on a holiday, then the deadline is the first business day after the holiday.