Our police detectives review every report taken by the department’s police officers to evaluate the potential for follow-up. As outlined in our policy, University Police Services’ detectives are required to contact all victims to discuss their cases, obtain additional information, and explain the feasibility of the cases being solved.

Detectives also:

  • Conduct background checks when required.
  • Respond to crime scenes whenever specialized evidence collection techniques are necessary.
  • Routinely review the state of Nevada's sexual offender registration listings to identify possible students, staff, or faculty members who have not properly registered with the state and university police.
  • Provide welfare checks of community members and security surveys of campus facilities.
  • Represent UNLV in the Southern Nevada Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF).
  • Conduct proactive anti-crime initiatives.



Sergeant William Williams

Investigations/Anti-Crime Operations

Detective Robert Ljungquist