Sexual Offender Notification

In compliance with regional, state, and federal regulations, the UNLV Department of Police Services provides a link to the state of Nevada's Sexual Offender Registry, which tracks all convicted sex offenders in the state, including those enrolled at or employed by educational institutions such as UNLV.

Per the Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act (CSCPA) of 2000, those who have been convicted, found guilty, or pled guilty to either committing or attempting to commit sexual offenses are required by law to register with the state of Nevada and notify the state anytime they gain employment with or attend a post-secondary educational institution.


Nevada Sex Offender Registry

Various tiers of offenses have been established as a means to standardize risk assessment related to sexual offenses. For more information, visit the Nevada's Sexual Offender's Registry website.

Nevada Sex Offender Registry Tier Definitions and Explanations

By law, UNLV is required to disclose whether or not Tier 3 sex offenders are present on campus as employees or students at any given time. Currently, there are no Tier 3 offenders registered with the UNLV Department of Police Services. To learn more about the tiers, visit the Nevada's Sexual Offender's Registry website.