University Police Services is committed to crime prevention and personal safety; however, it cannot assure either alone. Awareness and education are among the best tools available to meet these goals, and it is for this reason that University Police Services has created an archive of crime prevention and personal safety tips for your use. As you review these tips, you will find yourself becoming a part of the solution to creating a better and safer community.

Patrol Vehicle on campus
Person dressed in black trying to break into a car
Pills next to a cup filled with alcohol
A girl and an officer next to a car
A police officer next to a patrol vehicle

To view a list of all of the upcoming scheduled Police Services events, including Jane Jitsu classes as they are scheduled, visit the Police Services' Events Calendar.

Report Suspicious or Criminal Activity On Campus

To report suspicious or criminal activity or other emergencies, dial 9-1-1 from a campus landline or 702-895-3669 from your cellphone. You can also use the Report A Tip function on the RebelSAFE App. There are also emergency telephones located throughout the Maryland Parkway, and Shadow Lane campuses that connect you directly to the University Police Services Dispatch Center. These telephones automatically register your location when you push the button to activate the phone. Current emergency phone locations can be viewed online for both the Maryland Parkway campus and for the Shadow Lane campus.

Possession and Use of Weapons

All university police officers carry service weapons while on duty. By Nevada Revised Statute 202.265, only police department personnel may carry or possess firearms or any other weapons on campus.

Residence Hall Security

Access to residence halls is controlled by card-activated access systems that restrict entrance to only those authorized to enter. Additionally, each residence hall is staffed with a resident coordinator and numerous resident assistants, usually one per floor. If you are interested in learning more about UNLV Housing and Residential Life, visit their page for helpful links and resources.