NSC Alert


NSC Alert is the emergency notification system used for incidents that present an imminent threat to life, health or safety to NSC students, employees, faculty, and community members.  NSC Alert messages provide emergency information and instructions to protect yourself during an emergency.  In the event of an emergency, NSC Alert will post to NSC Facebook and Twitter accounts, send emails, text messages, and provide calls to mobile, home, or office phones.

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Updating Your Contact Information

Police Services strongly encourages you to review your contact information each semester to ensure that emergency alerts are sent to the correct locations.

  • NSC Students
    • Log into the NSC Portal and click on the link to Student Center
    • Once on the Student Center page, you can review/update your email and phone information via the drop-down menu in the “Personal Information” section
  • NSC Faculty and Staff
    • Log into Workday or through the NSC Portal
    • Click on the icon in the top right corner and select “View Profile”
    • Beneath your name click on the “Actions” button then browse to “Personal Data” -> “Change Contact Information”
    • Under the “Additional Phone” section, add or edit your cellular telephone number. Make sure to select “Mobile” as the Phone Device.
    • Click the Submit button, located in the lower left corner, to save your changes.
  • Campus Community Members

Questions About NSC Alert?

If you have any questions regarding your contact information within the NSC Alert system, or any other concerns regarding the system, contact Information & Technology Services at its@nsc.edu.