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Desert Research Institute (DRI)

Emergency and non-emergency phone numbers

About University Police at DRI

We are a nonprofit research campus of NSHE and sister property of UNR, the organization that oversees all publicly supported higher education in the U.S. state of Nevada. At DRI, approximately 500 research faculty and support staff engage in more than $50 million in environmental research each year. DRI's environmental research programs are divided into three core divisions and two interdisciplinary centers. Established in 1988 and sponsored by AT&T, the institute's Nevada Medal awards "outstanding achievement in science and engineering".


Main Research- Dandini Research Park (Reno, Nevada) and Southern Nevada Science Park (Paradise, Nevada).

Subsidiary Campuses

Solar One (Boulder City, Nevada) and Storm Peak Laboratory (Steamboat Springs, Colorado).


We are a home for science to create a better future for the people of Nevada and the world. We implement our mission through shared governance and by fostering diverse talent.


We envision a world in which trust between scientists and the public forms the basis for a more sustainable and resilient environment for all people to live, grow, and prosper.


  • Impactful science
  • Community
  • Diversity

Conducting impactful science means doing science that has an impact in our diverse communities and realizing those impacts through education and engagement. Science plays a critical role in defining, understanding, and solving humanity’s most pressing needs for a sustainable future, the well-being of the communities in which we live and work, and the continued economic prosperity of our nation.

Fulfilling our mandate requires us to engage our community, the people where we work and live. We understand that both impactful science and serving our communities require diversity of demographics, thought, and experience. We commit to increasing and supporting diversity at our Institution and throughout our scientific and local communities. We will hold ourselves and our organization accountable to take meaningful action toward a more diverse and equitable global scientific community.


University Police Services at DRI

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Security Escort

Police Services provides free evening security escort services for students, faculty, and staff to any campus location during the evening hours. This service is based on availability. Contact 702-895-3668.

Motorist Assistance

Motorist assistance is offered primarily through the Department of Parking & Transportation Services to motorists on UNLV's main campus. However, Police Services assists with these services during the hours when Parking Services' office is closed. Contact Parking & Transportation Services at 702-895-1300 during office hours or police dispatch after hours at 702-895-3668.

Lost and Found

As a service to students, faculty, staff, and visitors to the campus, the Property & Evidence Unit retains found property of financial value. If you have lost something on campus (ie. phone, keys, ID, wallet, computer, etc), call 702-895-5795 and leave a detailed message that includes a description of the item, when you lost it, your name, and a number where you can be reached. We will return your call if we have the item and set up an appointment with you to claim your item if recovered. Please bring a state-issued I.D. with you when you claim your property. Property is released by appointment only.

Girls on Guard

University Police Services offers self-defense classes in order to provide women with the basic skills to escape an attacker and teach them how to avoid dangerous situations whenever possible. These classes are intended to help women feel safer and better prepared on campus. Our Girls on Guard self-defense classes are open to all female students, faculty, staff, and community members.

Fingerprint Services

Fingerprinting services are provided to the public Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (excluding holidays). The cost is $10 per card, payable by cash, check, or money order, and blank fingerprint cards are available upon request. A state-issued picture I.D., such as a driver’s license, is required for this service. To learn more, call 702-895-5575. Fingerprinting services are available in the Records Office at Police Headquarters.

Property Registration

University Police Services administers a free property registration program on campus with events held throughout the year. Register your personal property in person or online, so that we will be able to quickly return it to you if we recover it after it is lost or stolen. Types of property that can be registered are: laptops, cellphones, bicycles, and other valuables with serial numbers. Check our events page for more information on property registration and other events as they are scheduled.

Fingerprint Services

Fingerprinting services are provided to the public Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (excluding holidays). The cost is $10 per card, payable by cash, check, or money order, and blank fingerprint cards are available upon request. A state-issued picture I.D., such as a driver’s license, is required for this service. To learn more, call 702-895-5575. Fingerprinting services are available in the Records Office at Police Headquarters.

Notary Services

Notary services are available free-of-charge to all students, faculty, and staff. Notary service is provided based on the availability of Police Services’ staff, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.. Please call 702-895-4909 to schedule an appointment.

Special Events Security

Police and student security services are provided (for a fee) at campus events that involve large crowds or special security concerns.

Crime Prevention Tips

University Police Services is committed to crime prevention and personal safety; however, it cannot assure either alone. Awareness and education are among the best tools available to meet these goals, and it is for this reason that University Police Services has created an archive of crime prevention and personal safety tips for your use.

Visit our Tips Page

RebelSAFE Alert

About DRI RebelSAFE Alert

RebelSAFE Alert is the emergency notification system used for incidents that present an imminent threat to life, health or safety to DRI students, employees, faculty, and community members. RebelSAFE Alert messages provide emergency information and instructions to protect yourself during an emergency. In the event of an emergency, RebelSAFE Alert will send emails, text messages, post to University Police Services Facebook and Twitter, push notifications to the RebelSAFE Mobile App, and provide audio and visual warnings to computer desktops and VOIP phones, digital advertising kiosks, RebelSAFE Emergency Phones, and UNLV websites.

Download the RebelSAFE Mobile App

The RebelSAFE app is the official mobile safety app for UNLV & DRI campuses. The RebelSAFE Mobile App provides DRI students, employees, faculty, and community members with a number of features to keep themselves safe.

  1. Quickly dial Police Services to request help, report a crime in progress, report suspicious activities, or for any other emergency.
  2. Request a Rebel Rides evening shuttle.
  3. Real-time chat with Police Services Dispatch personnel.
  4. Submit anonymous crime tips.
  5. Receive RebelSAFE Alert push notifications.
  6. Virtual escort to share your GPS location with a friend or family member until you safely reach your destination.
  7. Other safety related information and services offered by Police Services and Health & Wellness.

To download the free app, visit iTunes or the Google Play Store.

Mobile App Welcome Screen

Updating Your Contact Information

Police Services strongly encourages you to review your contact information each semester to ensure that emergency alerts are sent to the correct locations.

  • Current UNLV students
    1. Log into your MyUNLV account and visit the Student Center page.
    2. Once on the Student Center page, you can review your email address(es) and phone number(s) via the drop-down menu in the Personal Information section.
  • Current UNLV Faculty and Staff
    • Log into Workday with your ACE account.
    • On the UNLV Okta page, click on the Workday logo.
    • In the top right corner, click on your name and then click View Profile.
    • From the top left hand corner of your Profile page, click Actions (under your name), hover over Personal Data, click Change Contact Information.
    • Under the Additional Phone section, add or edit your cellular telephone number. Make sure to select mobile or the Phone Device.

    • Click the Submit button, located in the lower left corner, to save your changes.
  • Campus Community Members

Questions About the RebelSAFE Alert?

If you have any questions regarding your contact information within the RebelSAFE Alert system, or any other concerns regarding the system, contact Gregg Maye, at 702-895-4849 or

Emergency Phones

RebelSAFE Emergency Phones are for students, employees, faculty, and community members of UNLV to request help, report a crime in progress, report suspicious activities, request a Rebel Rides shuttle, or for any other emergency. The state-of-the-art, 12-foot tall RebelSAFE Emergency Phones are equipped with a 4000k LED area light, a 360-degree surveillance camera, and are strategically located throughout campus to broadcast RebelSAFE Alerts via public address speakers in the event of an emergency.

Current Emergency Phone Locations