Rental Information

  • Daily rental rate is for use of facility from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.
  • Signed rental agreement and full deposit must be received prior to any event coordination with PAC Staff.
  • Rates are for rental of the facility only. Renters are also responsible for costs associated with equipment, box office fees, and labor charges. Labor must be provided by UNLV employees, and scheduling is at the sole discretion of the Performing Arts Center.

Available Spaces Commercial Non-profit CCSD University
Artemus W. Ham Concert Hall (entire facility) $3,000 $1,950 $1,500 $750
Artemus W. Ham Concert Hall Lobby $730 $475 $365 $185
Artemus W. Ham Concert Hall Green Room $280 $180 $140 $70
Judy Bayley Theatre (performance areas) $1,350 $900 $675 $340
Judy Bayley Theatre Lobby $350 $230 $175 $90
Black Box Theatre $375 $245 $190 $95

Non-profit rates may only be used by those organizations recognized as 501(c)(3) organizations by the Internal Revenue Service. CCSD rates are for the Clark County School District. University rates are for UNLV departments.

REHEARSAL / LOAD-IN DAY: Renter may receive a 50% discount off published rates. Only performers and crew are allowed on a rehearsal/load-in day (parents or members of the press are not considered performers or crew). Limit 1 day.

DEPOSIT: A minimum deposit of the rental rate plus 50% of estimated expenses will be required.

INSURANCE: University requires renter to maintain the following insurance coverage for the duration of their agreement:

  1. Commercial General Liability: $1,000,000 per occurrence / $2,000,000 aggregate. The policy shall name NSHE as an additional insured by endorsement.
  2. Commercial Auto Liability: $1,000,000 per occurrence / combined single limit.
  3. Workers’ Compensation: Employers liability limits of at least $100,000 per occurrence and for occupational disease.
  4. Subrogation shall be waived against NSHE by endorsement.

Certificate of Insurance will be required.

Worker Type Commercial & Non-profit
Stage Manager, Crew $40 per hour
Bar or Box Office Additional Labor (2 hr. min.) $25 per hour per person
UNLV Police Lieutenant / Sergeant + $100 / $90 per hour
UNLV Officer + $85 per hour
Student Cadets + $25 per hour
Custodial Services (Saturday-Sunday Events) $475 per service
House Manager * (2 hr. min.) $25 per hour per person
Usher * (2 hr. min.) $20 per hour per person
Benefit Charge 4.6% of total payroll

* PAC solely responsible for determining if an event is subject to hourly or per-show rates for front-of-house staff.

+ UNLV Police Services sets these rates; they are subject to change.

Facility Rates
Facility Rate (2 hr. performance) Each Additional Half Hour
Black Box Theatre $350 $45
Judy Bayley Theatre $515 $65
Artemus W. Ham Concert Hall
Occupancy Rate (2 hr. performance) Each Additional Half Hour Add Balcony
0 - 750 $675 $85 $280
751 - 1,000 $835 $105 $280
1,001 - 1,250 $995 $125 $280
1,251 - 1,500 $1,155 $145 included
1,501 + $1,315 $175 included

Available Equipment Commercial Non-profit
General Equipment Use Fee $125 per show $125 per show
Piano / Harp $200 $130
Piano Tuning Ask for quote Ask for quote
Harlequin Dance Floor $340 $225
Dance Floor Tape $25 each $25 each
Pipe and Drape - Stage $125 $85
Pipe and Drape - Dressing Room $125 per unit $85 per unit
Stage Lights (per show) $4 each $2.50 each
Follow Spots (per show) $100 each $65 each
Projector A - 12,000 Lumens w/ 18' x 10' Screen $600 $400
Projector B - 11,000 Lumens w/ Cyclorama $300 $200
Projector C - 5,000 Lumens w/ 14' x 9' Screen $225 $150
Sound System - Clair Brothers $225 $150
Livestream - 1 camera * $275 $175
Wired Microphones & Choral Microphones (1 Free) $25 each $15 each
Wireless Microphones $60 each $40 each
Sound Monitors $40 each $25 each
Portable Public Address System (2 speakers, wired mic) $75 $50
Multi-Channel Direct Boxes $30 each $20 each
Lectern $30 each $20 each
Concert Shell $25 each $15 each
Choral Risers (3- and 4-step) $25 each $15 each
Band Risers (8”, 16”, 24”) $25 each $15 each
Tablecloths $15 each $15 each
Easels $5 each $5 each
Beverage Service Ask for quote Ask for quote
Photocopies $.05 per copy $.05 per copy

* Livestreaming requires additional labor. Cost not included.

Parking on the campus of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas is regulated by UNLV Parking & Transportation Services.Generally, all vehicles parked on campus must display permits during certain hours. Visitors may also use the Pay by Phone app to pay for parking.

The Artemus W. Ham Concert Hall has a loading dock, but access is currently restricted. Performing Arts Center clients should contact the technical director, Lynn Ware, to schedule use.

Event Creation Fee, per performance: $130 for Commercial renters / $85 for Non-profit, CCSD, and UNLV renters.

Creating your event in our system will require information such as performance title, performance date and time, location, and event pricing. Guest Relations Manager Joy Montaño will contact you to begin the process of creating your event. Please allow 7 business days for event creation.

Sales Commissions: 6.5% of all ticket sales.

Change Fee: Once on sale, any changes made to an event (including pricing, title, or seat holds) will be charged a $30 fee per change.

Installation Fee: Clients who move ticketed events from another venue to one of the Performing Arts Center facilities will incur a $60 per hour handling fee in addition to normal charges.

  • All tickets for admission to any event held in the Artemus W. Ham Concert Hall, Judy Bayley Theatre, or any of the spaces located in the Alta Ham Fine Arts building or Lee & Thomas Beam Music Center must be generated by the Performing Arts Center.
  • Tickets are available online. Only the Performing Arts Center’s internet sales portal may be used.
  • Box Office Hours: Tuesdays - Saturdays, 12 p.m.–6 p.m. Additionally, the box office is open one hour prior to the advertised start time until 30 minutes after advertised start time for all ticketed events. Box office may be kept open later at client’s request for a $50 per hour fee (2 hr. min.) Extended hours must be arranged at least 14 days in advance.
  • The box office is closed on most state holidays.
  • The box office does not accept unpaid reservations. Complimentary tickets may not be ordered on the phone.
  • The box office phone number is 702-895-2787.
  • There are NO REFUNDS on ticket purchases without prior approval from client.
  • Coupons must be presented at the box office ticketing window at the time of purchase.
  • Tickets are void at curtain. Late seating is at the discretion of the management/artist.
  • Patrons with disabilities requiring special seating accommodations must notify the box office at the time of ticket purchase. We can provide sign language interpretation for most performances with a minimum of 3 business days advance notice; client will be responsible for this expense.
  • Only Performing Arts Center personnel are allowed in the box office.

A Performing Arts Center team member must sell any merchandise being offered for sale to the general public.

To arrange for merchandise sales, please contact Joy Montaño, Guest Relations Manager, no less than 14 days prior to the event. Last minute requests to sell merchandise will not be entertained.

Merchandise buy-out agreements can be negotiated for those renters who wish to provide their own sales staff. To negotiate a buy-out, please contact Lori Cobo, Executive Director, no less than 14 days prior to your event.

Merchandise sales commission for commercial clients is 30% of net sales (or $125, whichever is greater); for non-profit clients, it is 15% of gross sales (or $75, whichever is greater). Merchandiser is responsible for reporting and paying Nevada sales taxes.

Merchandise must be delivered to the facility at least 2 hours prior to event start time to allow for proper accounting. Merchandise settlement may occur immediately following the performance at our discretion. Funds will be provided to university clients through account deposit.

  • UNLV PAC Event Calendar: Include your event on the Performing Arts Center’s event calendar free of charge. Please provide an image (2000 pixels wide by 1333 pixels high) and an event description (any length). We will obtain ticket information from our box office.
  • Advertise in PAC Program Books: Advertise your event to audiences for shows produced by the Performing Arts Center. Review program book advertising information.
  • Send an E-blast to PAC Email List: We can send targeted emails to our list on your behalf for 2.5 cents per impression.
  • For details, contact Shaun Franklin-Sewell, Director of Marketing & Patron Services.

Inserting items into programs requires additional staff time. We can insert items into your programs for a $45 fee. If you have items you wish to be inserted into your event program, please contact Shaun Franklin-Sewell at least 14 business days prior to your event so that we may plan appropriately. Inserts must be delivered to the facility at least 2 hours prior to event start time.


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