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Send an E-blast to PAC Email List on our Rental Expenses, Policies, and Support page, under marketing assistance.

Your Message Targets a Top-Quality Audience

  • Performing Arts Center patrons have purchasing power. The total household income of 77% of the audience is above $50k annually. That puts them in the top half of earners in the valley. (More than 50% make over $75k annually.)
  • Performing Arts Center patrons are discriminating and highly-educated. Over 96% have taken at least some college coursework. Over 43% possess graduate degrees.
  • Performing Arts Center patrons are professionals. Over 45% of our audiences indicated their occupations were either managerial or related to education
  • The Performing Arts Center patrons are loyal consumers. 59% of our patrons have been customers for at least six years.
  • Performing Arts Center patrons reside all over the Las Vegas valley, including Summerlin, Henderson, Silverado Ranch, North Las Vegas, Seven Hills, Boulder City, and Mt. Charleston.

Advertising in Performing Arts Publications is Good Business

  • Arts attendees are more involved in other leisure activities, including movies, festivals, museums, and popular music concerts (as compared to non-attendees).
  • Arts attendees are thinkers: The majority of arts attendees think attending live performing arts is thought-provoking, helps increase cultural understanding, and encourages higher levels of creativity.
  • People believe in the performing arts. Arts attendees believe the arts improve the quality of life and are an enormous source of community pride. The arts also promote understanding of others, help preserve and share cultural heritage, and contribute to the education of children.
  • Consumers in the U.S. spent more than $31.5 billion on performing arts events last year.
Issue Dates
Performance Issue Date Reservation Materials
Chamber Music Society Concert 1 9/21/23 8/10/23 8/17/13
Rio Sueño 9/29/23 8/18/23 8/25/23
Counterpoint: Conrad Tao & Caleb Teicher 10/6/23 8/25/23 9/1/23
Chamber Music Society Concert 2 10/26/23 9/14/23 9/21/23
California Guitar Trio 11/18/23 8/29/22 9/5/22
Sérgio & Clarice Assad and Third Coast Percussion: Archetypes 12/13/23 11/1/23 11/8/23
Time for Three 1/26/24 12/5/23 12/12/23
Chamber Music Society Concert 3 2/8/24 12/21/23 1/4/24
Chamber Music Society Concert 4 3/7/24 1/25/24 2/1/24
Voctave 3/8/24 1/26/24 2/2/24
Lovro Peretić 4/6/24 2/26/24 3/4/24
Chamber Music Society Concert 5 4/25/24 3/14/24 3/21/24
Size Color
Full Page $150
Half Page $80
Quarter Page $45
Eighth Page $25
There are two options for half and quarter sizes: horizontal and vertical.
  • All rates are quoted as gross rates per insertion for ads supplied in electronic form.
  • A 15% discount is available to recognized advertising agencies and media buyers.
  • A 15% discount is also available for not-for-profit and governmental entities. Discounts cannot be combined.
Premium Positions
Location Price
Center Spread $4,000
Back Cover $2,800
Inside Back Cover $2,800
Inside Front Cover $2,800
For maximum exposure, consider an annual contract in a premium position.
Ad Dimensions
Ad Size Dimension With Bleed
Center Spread Trim Size: 11 x 8.5
(live area 10.875 x 8.375)
11.25 x 8.75
Full page Trim Size: 5.5 x 8.5
(live area 5.375 x 8.375)
5.75 x 8.75
1/2 page (h) 5.25 x 4.0625 n/a
1/2 page (v) 2.5625 x 8.25 n/a
1/4 page (h) 5.25 x 2 n/a
1/4 page (v) 2.5625 x 4.0625 n/a
1/8 page (h) 2.5625 x 1.9375 n/a

Artwork Requirements

  • Files: Please submit full-color print-ready PDF’s (saved as PDF X/1-a) with included bleeds. Ensure all fonts are embedded and color files are in CMYK mode (RGB files will not separate). Files may be emailed to
  • Proofs: If you need to see an electronic color proof prior to printing, please inform us when you deliver files.

The Performing Arts Center can create an ad for you from materials you provide. Charges for this service will vary according to the size and complexity of your advertisement. Allow at least one month prior to the deadline for this process. We can also recommend graphic designers to you.