UNLV Folio

UNLV Folio is the university’s information management system for faculty members. Within its secure and convenient web-based environment, UNLV Folio provides a database and reporting tool for faculty to document their scholarly achievements, along with a workflow module for university administrators to manage a variety of review processes, including annual evaluations and tenure and promotion reviews. It also incorporates a personal document curation platform for faculty to maintain their scholarly materials.

UNLV Folio has been designed to decrease the time and effort that faculty spend on reporting their activities and to increase the accuracy and consistency of their data. The university will use information collected from the system to enhance its ongoing efforts to promote and support faculty work.

The content of this website is intended to help faculty members, administrators, and staff learn how to navigate UNLV Folio. Below are links to important information, resources, contacts, and more. Please bookmark this site and visit often for updates.

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Logging into the System

All faculty, administrators, and staff will log into UNLV Folio using their ACE account credentials. Please click on the link below. (External users who have been granted a temporary proxy account will log into the system using a different protocol. Please contact the UNLV Folio Support Desk for further information.)


All questions and comments about UNLV Folio may be directed to the Support Desk. Please submit a request for support by completing the online form to the right or by contacting us directly at UNLVFolio@unlv.edu or 702-895-0791.

The UNLV Folio initiative is led by the Office of Faculty Affairs.

Get One-On-One Help Online

Booking an appointment with UNLV Folio Support is easy. Make sure you are logged into your UNLV mail account. Then go to the UNLV Folio Support Appointment page to find and select an appointment time that works for your schedule. When you book an appointment, provide a brief description of the topic(s) you would like to discuss during our meeting so we can better service your request. You can then expect to hear back from out support team confirming your appointment.

Technical Help Desk

The current vendor for UNLV Folio operates a help desk to assist users of their product with technical issues. Agents are available Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. Eastern time (or 6 a.m. - 3 p.m. Pacific time) to respond to technical questions or help troubleshoot system errors. The toll-free phone number is 877-997-8807.

College Coordinators

Each academic college or school designates two UNLV Folio coordinators to assist its faculty and administrators with navigating the system.

  1. The UNLV Content Specialist is an academic leader (e.g., associate dean or department chair) or faculty member who possesses a strong understanding of the policies, norms, and conventions of the various departments in the college. The Content Specialist will be able to guide other faculty members on appropriate ways to document their achievements in UNLV Folio and prepare their files for review.
  2. The UNLV Folio Power User is an experienced user of the system who serves as a technical resource for other faculty and administrative users from the college. The Power User has expertise in employing all parts of the system, particularly importing data, running reports, and using the workflow module.

The following are the current coordinators in each college or school at UNLV:

Academic Success Center

Lee Business School

School of Dental Medicine

College of Education

Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering

College of Fine Arts

Graduate College

Honors College

William F. Harrah College of Hospitality

School of Integrated Health Sciences

William S. Boyd School of Law

  • Content Specialist(s): Ruben Garcia
  • Power User(s): Rachel Santos

College of Liberal Arts

UNLV Libraries

School of Medicine

  • Content Specialist(s): Mark Guadagnoli
  • Power User(s): Shantai Dees; Ivona Zakarian

School of Nursing

School of Public Health

College of Sciences

Greenspun College of Urban Affairs