Campus Climate Surveys

Climate surveys measure several aspects of faculty and staff engagement and satisfaction with their institution. On this page, there are links to climate surveys conducted at UNLV over the past decade.

Most Recent Survey

COVID-19 Differential Impacts Campus Survey and Focus Groups (2021)

Previous Surveys

Great Colleges to Work for Survey (2019)

UNLV Campus Climate Survey

The campus climate survey — which measures employee perception, satisfaction, and morale — serves as a barometer of university’s diversity efforts and current state of affairs.

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The Collaborative on Academic Careers in Higher Education (COACHE) is a consortium of over 200 universities and systems that aim to provide research-based improvements of faculty experiences in recruitment, development, and retention. Housed within the Harvard Graduate School of Education at Harvard University, they provide several services including a Faculty Satisfaction Survey. UNLV chose to assess faculty satisfaction through this survey and it was administered at UNLV in Spring 2016 by COACHE. Since then, a Provost Report, Dean reports, and a Steering Committee have directed UNLV’s steps to address inequities that reach across the entire campus.

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