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Leadership and Professional Development

The Office of Faculty Affairs offers several programs that help faculty leaders build new skills, communicate, and share ideas.

Chairs' Success Sessions

Chairs occupy a highly complex role that requires them to balance the priorities and interests of multiple constituencies both internal and external to the department including faculty, staff, students, deans, university administrators, alumni, and donors. The chairs' success session is a resource for all UNLV department chairs, whether they have recently come into the role or have completed multiple stints as chair.

Chair Manual

UNLV Leadership Experience

The UNLV Leadership Experience is an initiative designed to help emerging leaders expand their knowledge and skills while providing a glimpse into university administration. Created by the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost, the program educates participants about the complex operations of a large research institution and introduces them to various leadership roles. The Leadership Experience is a program to empower everyday leaders.

Faculty Development Resources

The UNLV Faculty Center has compiled a list of internal and external resources for faculty that includes teaching, research support, and career development.