Unit and department bylaws can be amended; however, they must be approved by the President prior to implementation. Per UNLV Bylaws (Chapter 1, Section 4.4.4):

4.4.4 Approval of College, Department or Unit Bylaws. Any provision of college, department, or unit bylaws not consistent with the UNLV bylaws, and/or the NSHE Code, is invalid. All college, department, and unit bylaws are subject to approval by the president. (B/R 9/05)

Prior to submitting bylaws for approval by the President, updates should be submitted to the Office of Faculty Affairs for review. When submitting these recommendations, please include:

  • A document marked with changes to the current bylaws so updates are clearly identified
  • A clean document (with changes incorporated)
  • A summary of the changes
  • Unit vote on the proposed amendments (yes-no-abstain-absent) and date of vote

These documents will be reviewed (with requested changes if  necessary) before they are submitted for review by the Executive Vice President & Provost and approval by the President.

A graphic depicting the bylaw amendment review process

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For questions regarding the bylaw amendment process, please contact Gary Totten (gary.totten@unlv.edu), Vice Provost of Faculty Affairs.