UNLV is dedicated to fostering an inclusive work environment where employees of all backgrounds and experiences can achieve their professional goals. To gain a better understanding of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on employee productivity and well-being, including the differential impacts on those from underrepresented populations (e.g., essential workers, caregivers, and racial/ethnic minorities), the university conducted a campus-wide survey of faculty and staff and held focus groups with campus leaders. Results informed senior leadership of areas where UNLV can better support employees during and after the pandemic.

Findings from Faculty and Staff COVID-19 Impacts Survey

The university invited academic and administrative faculty and staff to participate in an online survey to solicit feedback on the impacts of COVID-19 on their work conditions, work productivity, and overall well-being. The survey was completed by 1,534 employees and included recommendations for better supporting employees during and after the pandemic.

  • Executive Summary
    • This summary provides a high-level overview of the survey results from all employees and highlights results by job category.
  • Full Report
    • This full, detailed report combines the responses from the multiple choice questions as well as open-ended questions. The report also highlights results by job category (faculty, staff) and other demographics (gender, race/ethnicity)

Results of Focus Groups with Campus Leaders

Nine focus groups composed of campus supervisors and leaders were held to discuss the challenges with promoting equity and success for direct reports during the COVID-19 pandemic. Over 80 leaders shared their experiences in a focus group or submitted written feedback through an online survey. Below is a link to the report summarizing the most commonly reported themes as well as recommendations for supporting faculty and staff during and after the pandemic.