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Affiliates and Partnerships

NIPM is working with community and national partners that can help us achieve our goals in impacting personalized medicine. These include local partners in our community such as those involved in clinical care. We are forming alliances with national partners and university medical centers involved in personalized medicine as well as commercial partners such as those involved in "big data computation needed to analyze many human genomes.



Governor’s Office of Economic Development
Initial funding of NIPM came in part from a Knowledge Fund grant from the state of Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development. We appreciated this support.


Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Brain Center for Health
Several NIPM researchers are collaborating with the Ruvo Center on projects related to neurological disorders. Their collaborations were funded in part by an Intermountain West clinical translation research grant to UNLV from NIH and from a private donation.

Grant a Gift Autism Foundation
Grant a Gift Autism Foundation is collaborating the NIPM to create a Medical Genetics clinic that will serve Autistic children as well as adults with genetic disorders. The clinic is scheduled to open July 1, 2016. For more information, please contact coordinator Leslie Rafalovich at 702-895-1297 or [email protected].

SWITCH Communications
To analyze the many large human genomes needed for personalized medicine, we need access to high-end computing. SWITCH has supported the UNLV Supercomputing Institute by housing some servers and funding a high-speed fiber optic connection to the UNLV campus. NIPM scientists are taking advantage of this support.

Intel has awarded a Cherry Creek Supercomputer to the UNLV National Supercomputing Institute.

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