About Us

The Nevada Institute of Personalized Medicine (NIPM) at UNLV is working to improve individual and community health in Nevada through research and technology commercialization, education, and workforce training.

Modern healthcare relies largely on an expensive "one-size-fits-most model for diagnosis and treatment that often fails to account for biological differences between people. Personalized medicine is different. Your unique genetic makeup — your DNA — already encodes the blueprint for effective treatment and disease prevention.

NIPM will help move Nevada from the trial-and-error medicine of today to the data-driven decision-making of tomorrow by decoding genomes to predict disease susceptibility, sift through treatment options, and fine-tune drug dosages to minimize adverse effects and help Nevadans lead longer and healthier lives.


The Nevada Institute of Personalized Medicine is the only established NIH-endorsed Center of Excellence in Nevada to accelerate the adoption of advanced genomics for the entire state healthcare systems. We will accomplish this through community outreach, independent clinical research and genetic testing, and education and training for expanded Nevada job creation.

Director's Statement

Learn more about the institute in this statement from the director of the NIPM.


NIPM has been one of the most prolific groups at UNLV to generate grant revenue, intellectual property, and commercialization initiatives. The Institute continues to engage major national genomic health institutions for significant collaborations to accelerate genomic medicine in Las Vegas. In addition, NIPM generated two start-up companies in 2016-2017 based on funding from the Governor's Office of Economic Development.

NIPM also generates stand-alone patent estates for licensing to companies in the life sciences. In particular, research tools and the following gene editing filing - "Compositions Comprising Talens and Methods of Treating HIV” are available for license.

Please contact James Timmins, NIPM Business Officer, at james.timmins@unlv.edu for more information on this and other developments.


The Nevada Institute of Personalized Medicine reports to the Vice President of Research and Economic Development. The institute is managed by an executive director. Two advisory boards are advisory to the executive director. NIPM faculty and staff report to the executive director.

Organizational Chart

Advisory Board

NIPM UNLV Advisory Board (UAB)
Name Unit Title
Dr. Bubbhadeb Dawn School of Medicine Chair of Cardiology
Dr. Mary S. Croughan Research and Economic Development Vice President for Research and Economic Development
Dr. Eric Chronister College of Sciences Dean
Dr. Shawn Gerstenberger School of Public Health Dean
Dr. Joe Lombardo Supercomputing Institute Director
Zachary Miles Office of Economic Development Executive Director
Dr. Stan Smith School of Life Sciences Full Professor
James Timmins Nevada Institute of Personalized Medicine / Office of Economic Development Business Development Officer
NIPM External Advisory Board (EAB)
Name Organization Title
Dr. Jeffery Cummings, MD Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health Director
Dr. Patrick Burke Myriad Genetics Vice President of Emerging Products
Dr. Jerome Rotter, MD University of California, Los Angeles Director, Department of Pediatrics
Dr. Gabe Rudy Golden Helix VP Product Management and Engineering