NIPM NGS and Genotyping Services

The Nevada Institute for Personalized Medicine (NIPM) at UNLV is now operational for serving collaborators’ and clients’ needs for next-generation nucleic acid sequencing and genotyping.

NIPM’s Illumina NextSeq instrument and support lab will now accept expressions of interest, on- and off-campus, for Whole Exome Sequencing, Whole Transcriptome Sequencing, and Whole Genome Sequencing, along with RNA and Methylation projects. We also have PCR equipment to allow genotyping services.

With properly prepared samples and schedule openings, NIPM can generate raw data files for your project, usually within several weeks on a first-come-first-serve basis. NIPM encourages submissions of qualifying collaborative proposals from UNLV researchers - please see the attached PDFs for NGS Collaborations and sample submissions.

Please submit interest in NIPM NGS to James Timmins, NIPM Business Officer, at or at