The Personalized Medicine in Nevada COBRE program seeks to build a sustained interdisciplinary center in personalized medicine by engaging local partners, building genomics and big data analysis infrastructure, and conducting human genetics research. The institute will create an environment that cultivates the career development of new investigators, increases our understanding of personalized medicine, and provides a foundation upon which the new UNLV Medical School and other health care organization can grow clinical genetics research, education, and medical genetic services in Nevada. During the COBRE phase I, we will establish a research program in human genetics and informatics. In Phase II we plan to expand the program more broadly into personalized medicine. The major goals are to (1) administer the program, monitor progress, and iteratively improve the COBRE program; (2) mentor new investigators to become independent; (3) expand the human genetics research capacity at UNLV, in Nevada, and in the IDeA Network; and (4) cultivate a pipeline of new independent investigators for personalized medicine research. The external and internal advisory committees, along with consultants will help guide them on COBRE program decisions. The main responsibilities for the AC are: providing leadership, governance of the COBRE, fiscal management, promoting interactions among center participants and with external organizations, assessing performance, reporting to NIH, program oversight, and organization of mentoring and scientific activities. The AC will work with assessors to monitor progress toward key milestones and benchmarks for the program and use this information in consultation with the external advisory committees for cycles of improvement.