News: Division of Research

Dr. Karl Kingsley and Dr. James Mah hold a model of a tooth.
Research | October 3, 2017

UNLV researchers developed a method for extracting tooth root pulp that quadruples the number of stem cells that can be harvested and replicated to treat a variety of medical conditions.

travel review website
Research | September 27, 2017

Sarah Tanford’s research through simulated online review sites demonstrates the impact consumer opinion can have on the service industry.

woman pointing at computer with man looking on.
Research | September 19, 2017

Through a new faculty-student mentorship program, a team of UNLV researchers is exploring how this piece of gear might help children with autism.

researcher in lab
Research | September 12, 2017

UNLV research efforts have consistently grown over its 60-year life span, setting us on track to someday becoming one of the premier research universities in the nation.

Mary Croughan, UNLV's vice president for research and economic development
People | September 7, 2017

How can UNLV help our researchers soar? Mary Croughan isn’t afraid to ask the question, listen for the answer, and take action.

Robert Schill portrait
Research | September 2, 2017

UNLV engineer Robert Schill takes the guesswork out of deactivating explosive devices.

Robert Rippee portait
Research | September 2, 2017

UNLV International Gaming Institute’s Robert Rippee, Jennifer Roberts, and Brett Abarbanel take the lead in researching esports, a new trend that turns video-game playing into a spectator sport.

U.N.L.V. signage with Fall leaves in the background
Research | September 2, 2017

The Donald W. Reynolds Governor’s Cup awarded more than $55K in seed money to three UNLV teams for their health care, hospitality, and esports business ideas.

senior Amber Turner and alumna Lisa Danielson
Research | September 1, 2017

UNLV geoscientists and students like undergraduate Amber Turner (left, with alumna Lisa Danielson) are studying our planet and others to understand the impacts humans are having on Earth and the possibilities of life beyond it.

Alyssa Crittenden portrait
Research | September 1, 2017

What do a heist thriller, the evolving human diet, water quality, consumer behavior, literature, and Mars have in common? All were the foundation of research awards UNLV faculty gar-nered this year.

Student Michelle Mata works at a Consumer Electronics Show booth
Research | September 1, 2017

For the first time in its history, UNLV exhibited at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which regularly attracts more than 175,000 techies from around the world.

Vlad Zhitny, Biology major, looks into a microscope in a laboratory.
Research | September 1, 2017

An annual accounting of research and economic development activity over the last fiscal year.