Accomplishments: Division of Research

July 2, 2021
Dr. Jingchun Chen (Nevada Institute of Personalized Medicine) has published an article, "Artificial Image Objects for Classification of Schizophrenia with GWAS-selected SNVs and Convolutional Neural Network," in Patterns, a Cell Press journal. Additional contributing authors are Xiangning Chen, Daniel G. Chen, Zhongming Zhao, Justin Zhan, and Changrong Ji. In this article, a new approach to analyze large genomics data is proposed.  
June 2, 2021
Bo Bernhard (International Gaming Institute) gave the opening keynote at the Australian Gaming and Leadership Conference at The Star Hotel Casino in Sydney, Australia, last month. This was the first in-person national industry gathering post-COVID, and Bernhard's presentation was the only one presented remotely — prerecorded and produced in the studios at Black Fire Innovation. The presentation was "Coming out of COVID: What if We Emerged Better, Stronger, and More Resilient?"
May 11, 2021
Brett Abarbanel (International Gaming Institute) spoke with Mark Johnson (University of Sydney) on the subject of gamblification in video game streaming platforms as part of the University of Sydney's Gather Series. The session is available to view on demand. 
April 16, 2021
Marta Soligo (Sociology and International Gaming Institute) and Josiah Kidwell (Sociology) published two chapters in the academic eBook COVID-19: Sociological Scenarios. Soligo’s chapter (in Italian), “The Sociology of Tourism and COVID-19: The Case of Las Vegas,” is a sociological analysis of the effects of the pandemic on tourism, especially in Las Vegas. Kidwell’s chapter, titled “Religion During COVID-19: Technology, Risk, and Spirituality,” investigates the influence of the pandemic on the...
April 14, 2021
Marta Soligo (Sociology and International Gaming Institute) was interviewed for the sociology podcast "The Social Breakdown." Soligo explored the sociology of tourism, especially the relationship between COVID-19 and the travel industry. She discussed the role of tourism in Las Vegas as well as the creation of culture and dark tourism. She also explained the importance of reflecting on the role of tourism when it comes to important social issues, such as community exploitation and racism.  
February 11, 2021
Shekinah Hoffman and Itzel Alanis (both International Gaming Institute) published a review article, "COVID-19 and its Implications for Women In Gaming: Move Towards Regulation, Policies, and Culture Changes in the United States," in UNLV Gaming Research & Review Journal. In this piece, the duo argues that the COVID-19 pandemic has made apparent or exacerbated the structural inequalities that women and women of color face, particularly in the gaming industry. Hoffman and Alanis state, "...
December 23, 2020
Bo Bernhard (International Gaming Institute) spoke at a national Chilean conference about observations and data on gambling and problem gambling during the COVID-19 pandemic in a session entitled "Perspectivas de Nevada."
December 22, 2020
Brett Abarbanel (International Gaming Institute) authored a brief essay about the many business opportunities in esports betting (particularly in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic) and how easy it can be to botch the responsible gambling component. She summarizes, "Don't exploit for short-term gain at the expense of long-term sustainability. Be good humans."
November 10, 2020
Brett Abarbanel (International Gaming Institute) and colleagues Sally Gainsbury and Alex Blaszczynski of the University of Sydney in Australia published an article in New Frontiers in Psychiatry about in-play betting behaviors and gambling problems.  
October 16, 2020
Repairer Etuk, Kaelyn Griffin, Shane Kraus (all Psychology) and Tiange "Patrick" Xu and Brett Abarbanel (both International Gaming Institute), along with Marc N. Potenza of the Yale School of Medicine, presented their findings from a systematic review, "Sports Betting around the World: A Systematic Review, at the 21st International Center for Responsible Gaming (ICRG) conference. Posters will be published under the twitter handle @ICRG_Poster_2020. Look at these posters.
October 14, 2020
Shane Kraus (Psychology), and Brett Abarbanel, Tiffany Huang, and Bo Bernhard (all International Gaming Institute), along with colleagues at Harvard Medical School, published a follow-up study on GameSense — a responsible gambling (RG) initiative enacted by MGM Resorts several years ago. This study is part of a yearly series designed to analyze employee perceptions of GameSense and how these perceptions might contribute to the program's overall effectiveness. 
July 31, 2020
Marta Soligo (Sociology and International Gaming Institute) and Brett Abarbanel (International Gaming Institute) co-authored a paper on the Venetian Hotel and Casino for the International Hospitality Review. The paper analyzes the concepts of experience economy and promotion of authenticity by exploring the resort’s tangible and intangible Italian heritage use in design and marketing strategies.