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Housed in the UNLV School of Public Health, the Department of Social and Behavioral Health consists of faculty who engage in research and develop and evaluate community-based programs that promote health and disease prevention. Our students learn to identify high-risk behaviors or trends in specific populations, as well as propose solutions that aim to improve overall public health in communities.

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News highlights featuring UNLV students and staff who made (refreshing) waves in the headlines.

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A collection of news stories highlighting UNLV’s dedication to community and research.

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The Outstanding Faculty Award winner has spent over 40 years helping us understand health behavior.

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The research expert recently received a $3.5M grant to conduct a study on LGBTQIA+ caregivers of dementia patients and their experiences.

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Manoj Sharma receives Community Engagement Award for his work to provide access and delivery of health care to marginalized groups.

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Social and Behavioral Health In The News


Depression, which is characterized by sustained deep feelings of sadness and melancholy, and bipolar disorder which is marked by mood swings between extreme elation and severe depression are two distinct but serious causes of disability. Both require correct diagnosis and distinct treatments. Bipolar illness usually starts in the early 20s but on average takes 8-10 years, often longer, for a correct diagnosis. Needless to say, this delay prolongs the agony of the patient and increases the negative sequelae for the patient and their families. Depression usually starts in adulthood but can occur at any age.

Las Vegas Sun

By 2030, the U.S. population of LGBTQ+ adults over age 50 is expected to reach 7 million. As this community grows, the need to address housing disparities in our state becomes more evident. Elders who live in urban areas, such as Las Vegas, face significant housing challenges due to lack of affordable options, fear of discrimination, social isolation, and socioeconomic and health disparities.

Indica News

A recent review published by the American College of Cardiology (ACC) compared the updated blood pressure guidelines from the European Society of Hypertension (ESH). The chief difference between the criteria for the cutoff for hypertension in the US was ≥130/80 while in Europe was ≥140/90 mmHg. The guidelines in India are also akin to the European guidelines.  This has caused some confusion.

New India Abroad

From a full-time MBBS doctor in India to a celebrated author and public health expert in American academia, Professor (Dr) Manoj Sharma's journey is remarkable. A distinguished graduate faculty member at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, he was recently nominated by his students and received the prestigious Harry Reid Silver Slate Award 2024 for outstanding public health research.

The Daily Guardian

One popular school of yoga is Kundalini yoga. However, there is a lot of mystery, myths, misperceptions, and commercialization associated with it. Here I present a scientific demystification of this system of yoga. This system of yoga begins with the seventh limb of Ashtanga yoga, that of Dhyana or meditation. The purpose of this yoga is to purify the self and make the electroencephalographic (EEG) recordings of the brain subtler while one is awake so that one attains complete harmony with the environment.


Doug Hairgrove and Warren “Woody” Wood were together for 65 years. They met in college in 1959, worked side by side for more than three decades at a Southern California junior high school and got married in 2008 at their desert home in Palm Springs, California.

Social and Behavioral Health Experts

An expert on health behavior and coping with stress.
An expert on health disparities and LGBTQ aging adults with Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.
An expert on lactation, breastfeeding, and maternal and child health and nutrition.

Recent Social and Behavioral Health Accomplishments

Manoj Sharma (Social and Behavioral Health; Internal Medicine) presented an interdisciplinary paper titled, “Legitimizing Self versus Other Conflict in Digital Space: Analyzing User’s Online Comments about Afghan Refugees in U.S. Media (2016-2022),” in collaboration with a Fulbright Professor, Maneesh Pandeya at the 3rd International…
Jason Flatt (Social and Behavioral Health) contributed to a guest column about how "Inclusive housing empowers the LGBTQ+ community to age with dignity," published in the Las Vegas Sun. The U.S. population of LGBTQ+ adults over age 50 is expected to reach 7 million by 2030. As this community grows, the need to address housing disparities in our…
Manoj Sharma (Social and Behavioral Health; Internal Medicine) published an editorial titled, “Global Health: A Priority that Persists,” in the Italian journal, Advances in Medicine, Psychology, and Public Health, in collaboration with a faculty from Berea College. This editorial is a run-up to the forthcoming book by the authors titled…
Tim Grigsby (Social and Behavioral Health) co-published an article on "Conformity Drinking Motives, College Alcohol Beliefs, and Drinking Behaviors Among College Students: Examining the Protective Role of Prosocial Behaviors" in the Journal of Adult Development. The goal of the study is to examine the moderating role of public and altruistic…
Asma Awan and Manoj Sharma (both Social and Behavioral Health) presented a paper titled, “Key insights derived from the RQFSM Model Implementation of Community-based Participatory Process Evaluation in Nevada, USA," at the 6th Global Virtual Summit on European Public Health & Healthcare, held in London on July 13-14, 2024. …
Manoj Sharma (Social and Behavioral Health; Internal Medicine) published an article titled, “Grounded Theory Assessment of Health Needs in Rural Mississippi Delta Region, USA: Implications for Health Policy and Management,” in the Journal of Health and Social Sciences in collaboration with faculty from Jackson State University (Scopus Cite Score 3…