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The School of Public Health is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of people worldwide. Our departments, programs, and research units work to provide a diverse education, practical training experience, and numerous community involvement opportunities to prepare students to become leaders and professionals in the field of public health.

Current Public Health News

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With a growing network of participants, UNLV organization is a model for student-led mental health programming.

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As the nation's most-watched sports entertainment event rolls into town, UNLV researchers are available to provide expertise.

Rebecca Scherr, MD
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Dr. Rebecca Scherr creates better environments through healthier school lunches, smoke- and vape-free parks, and areas around the city that offer physical activities.

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A collection of news stories highlighting UNLV’s dedication to community and research.

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A collection of news stories focused on research, expert insights, and academic achievement.

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The Outstanding Faculty Award winner has spent over 40 years helping us understand health behavior.

Public Health In The News

The Daily Guardian

Fear (Bhaya) is an emotion that results from the belief that something or someone is hazardous and is likely to induce pain or discomfort. The operative word in this conceptualization is that it is a belief or a perception that may not be factual. It is a hindrance on the spiritual path as well as everyday life. For some of us, it has become a habit to over-assess the negative outcomes and thus we develop fears. Such a disposition is often associated with pessimism.


Aahana (name changed on request), 16 years old, is a high-school student in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis-Wisconsin) who came to the United States as a child. She has an older sibling who has been a straight A student and is now in medical school.  However, Aahana has always struggled with her performance in school. She has been shamed by her family and Indian-origin peers who have excelled in school. Her poor performance was always attributed to her laziness and a lack of applying herself.

The Daily Guardian

How do we go about surrendering our ego to achieve a greater purpose in life?


"Las Vegas Morning Blend" hosts Elliott Bambrough and Jessica Rosado join UNLV's EARN-FS team as they discuss free workshops and breastfeeding support in collaboration with the Southern Nevada Breastfeeding Coalition.

Out Front Magazine

There is a new groundbreaking survey for older LGBTQ+ Americans that is looking for participants over 50 years old.

The Daily Guardian

Jealousy (Irshya in Sanskrit) is an emotion that is also known as envy or covetousness which is common to almost all human beings. It’s often called as “the green-headed monster.” It is not a single emotion but consists of a complex of fear, anger, humiliation, feelings of loss of status, and nervousness.

Public Health Experts

An expert in infectious disease outbreaks and surveillance, including COVID-19 and monkeypox.  
An expert in youth and parental empowerment in education, leadership development, and multicultural programming
An expert in health disparities.
A national authority on lead poisoning and human health.
An expert on public health, and its relations to food, physical activity and community design.
An expert on lactation, breastfeeding, and maternal and child health and nutrition.

Recent Public Health Accomplishments

Asma Tahir and Alireza Rezaee (both Environmental and Occupational Health) presented a poster titled, "Comparison of the Airborne Fungal Spore Concentrations in Las Vegas and the Mojave Desert From 2020-2022," during the 2024 American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Annual Meeting from February 23-26 in Washington, D.C.
Jay Shen (Healthcare Administration and Policy, Center for Health Disparites Research) recently co-authored a paper, "Smoking Cessation and Pancreatic Cancer Risk in Individuals With Prediabetes and Diabetes: A Nationwide Cohort Study", in Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network.
Laurencia Bonsu (Social and Behavioral Health), Priyambda Kumra (Environmental and Occupational Health), Asma Awan (Social and Behavioral Health), and Manoj Sharma (Social and Behavioral Health; Internal Medicine) published a manuscript titled, “A Systematic Review of Binge Drinking Interventions and Bias Assessment among College Students and…
Louisa Messenger (Environmental and Occupational Health) co-published an article on "Effectiveness of pyriproxyfen-pyrethroid and chlorfenapyr-pyrethroid long-lasting insecticidal nets (LLINs) compared with pyrethroid-only LLINs for malaria control in the third year post-distribution: a secondary analysis of a cluster-randomised controlled trial…
Barbara Lewis (Public Health) spoke at the UNLV Osher Lifelong Learning Institute on "Do you have a voice in healthcare? Three critical ways to influence your healthcare and improve your medical center."  
Manoj Sharma (Social and Behavioral Health; Internal Medicine) coauthored an article titled, “An intervention to improve antibiotic prescription behavior in veterinary students: A protocol based on multi-theory model to tackle antimicrobial resistance,” in the journal, Health Science Reports (Impact Factor: 2), with coauthors from Hormozgan…