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The William S. Boyd School of Law prepares students for the competent and ethical practice of law, offering three- and four-year programs for the Juris Doctor degree.

Current Law News

vice president kamala harris watches unlv student administer COVID vaccine to another local college student
Campus News | April 14, 2021

A collection of news stories highlighting health, recovery, and celebration at UNLV.

The Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada building
Campus News | April 1, 2021

At a time of great need, community-focused Partners in Pro Bono program attracts record number of Boyd Law students.

students walking outdoors on UNLV campus with signage in foreground
Campus News | March 29, 2021

U.S. News & World Report’s annual list of top graduate and professional schools ranks 26 UNLV programs within nation’s top 100.

A deck of cards is stacked on top of credit cards
Research | March 15, 2021

As the casino industry considers expanding cashless gaming options amid the pandemic, Boyd’s Gaming Law students offer a regulatory helping hand.

Campus News | March 11, 2021

A collection of news stories highlighting the experts and events at UNLV.

A passport and U.S. visa
Campus News | March 10, 2021

Immigration Clinic program offers critical — and free — immigration-related legal assistance to UNLV and College of Southern Nevada students, staff and family members.

Law In The News

USA Today
April 14, 2021

Jose Loyo has a university degree in robotics. He leverages those advanced engineering skills daily to test engines for Cummins, a $40-billion multinational that provides power sources for companies worldwide.

Washington Post
April 14, 2021

The topic of “toxic masculinity” comes up more in conversations about #MeToo than about Black Lives Matter, understandably so. But cop machismo is an important way of understanding police violence against people of color. It helps explain why Derek Chauvin pressed his knee against George Floyd’s neck — continuing for two minutes after Floyd’s pulse stopped — and why three other officers chose to keep the crowd at bay rather than save Floyd’s life.

NBC News
April 13, 2021

In the heart of the pandemic, when thousands of the nation’s retail stores were closed, the stationery chain Paper Source paid its top seven executives a combined $1.47 million in bonuses. Now that the company is in bankruptcy, its executives are seeking an additional $1 million in potential bonuses at the same time that many of the vendors it works with — largely greeting card companies run by women — are struggling to be repaid as little as $5,000.

Investment News
April 8, 2021

Wall Street rewards high-risk behavior in its salespeople, be they deemed brokers, the old-fashioned term, or financial advisers, in the more commonly accepted contemporary tongue.

April 8, 2021

Each spring Jim Lundy gives up his weekends to file taxes for his clients, but there’s a secret most of them don’t know: He hates doing his own. “It’s like you use up all your energy on your clients’ tax returns and the last thing you want to do is go to work on your own,” says Lundy who works for Marcum LLP out of the Nashville office.

April 7, 2021

Linda Heim knew that her father was not going to wait for the cancer to kill him. For decades, he had lived in Montana, which they thought was one of the few places where terminally ill people could get a prescription to end their life.

Law Experts

A legal expert specializing in immigration, domestic violence, and family law.
An expert on policing and criminal law.
An expert in business and securities law, corporate governance and consumer protection.
An expert on bankruptcy and business ethics, Rapoport authored a book on the Enron scandal.
An expert in gaming law.
An expert in sports betting, gaming policy and regulation, legislative affairs, and workplace sexual harrassment. 

Recent Law Accomplishments

April 7, 2021
Keith A. Rowley (Law) testified before the Nevada Assembly's Judiciary Committee in opposition to a bill that would have had negative repercussions to the existing commercial law regime in Nevada, potentially placing Nevada consumers and businesses at a competitive disadvantage. He then worked with the bill's proponents (and with other opponents...
April 6, 2021
Benjamin Edwards (Law) published an op-ed in the Nevada Independent arguing that the Nevada Legislature does not need to pass a statute to enact a securities law exemption already proposed to be codified within draft regulations.
March 25, 2021
Ruben J. Garcia (Law) will moderate a panel from 4 to 5:30 p.m. April 1 titled "Labor Roots, Labor Leaders: Hispanic and Latinx Workers Show Their Strength" with Latino/a labor leaders from across the country representing the Texas AFL-CIO, the United Food and Commercial Workers Union, UNITE HERE, and the Labor Council for Latin American...
March 12, 2021
Ruben J. Garcia (Law) will speak at Labor in the 21st Century Challenges and Opportunities: A Worker-Centered Economic Recovery. A Changing Legal and Regulatory Environment, A Contested Political Terrain, hosted by Cornell University's Lois Gray Innovation Initiative on Friday, March 26. The conference is free and open to the public and will be...
February 10, 2021
Marketa Trimble (Law) wrote "Targeting Factors and Conflict of Laws on the Internet," which appears in The Review of Litigation. In the article she discusses questions of personal jurisdiction based on acts on the Internet and the effects of those acts on the Internet — questions that are surprisingly unsettled.
January 11, 2021
M. Eve Hanan (Law) published "Invisible Prisons" in the U.C. Davis Law Review. The article applies the theory of epistemic injustice to address the paucity of attention given to the lived experience of incarceration in U.S. sentencing policy.