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Rebecca Scherr, MD
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Dr. Rebecca Scherr creates better environments through healthier school lunches, smoke- and vape-free parks, and areas around the city that offer physical activities.

A student stocks the UNLV Food Pantry.
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Appointments will be available Mondays through Wednesdays for food pickup and donations.

women wearing t-shirt that says UNLV Home of the Brave
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A collection of news stories highlighting the experts and student changemakers at UNLV.

artistic illustration with woman as well as globe and chemistry bottles
People |

After spending most of her public health career living out of a suitcase, Louisa Messenger has settled down to bring her expertise in infectious diseases and insects to Las Vegas.

blonde woman in brown pantsuit sitting by the pool
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Crystal Rose Schulz, a 2022 Alumna of the Year, launches an initiative to prioritize the wellbeing of Southern Nevadans and their living spaces.

headshots of 3 women
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A trio PhD grads serendipitously end up at the same university and use their leadership positions to facilitate big changes.

Medical students stand with large cut out of a pink heart.
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School of Medicine student reflects on how her volunteer experience is bridging the gap between the community and medicine.

two photos of the same student, one with nursing scrubs the other in costume
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UNLV nursing student fills in on the Cirque du Soliel stage when he's not in class.

three students holding red jerseys with their names on it
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41 percent of the Class of 2022 staying in Nevada for the next stage of their medical training.

woman posing outdoors
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As someone who initially left the school system in eighth grade and was abused and homeless, a young Sharon Jalene never would have guessed she would end up earning three college degrees.

woman in suit
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Cheryl Maes says having a “service mindset” helps her balance her various roles.

collage of 3 pairs of nursing students
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Meet six students who share a family bond.