Tanya Crabb

Senior Psychologist, Kirk Kerkorian School of Medicine
Expertise: Psychology, Traumatic response, Mental health, Interpersonal treatment, PTSD, Counseling


Tanya Crabb is senior psychologist with the UNLV Kirk Kerkorian School of Medicine’s Well-Being Program. She specializes in combating PTSD, traumatic response, and other mental health concerns via existential, humanistic, and interpersonal treatment.

Crabb is a first-generation college graduate, Jamaican immigrant, Marine Corps veteran, and author. As a clinical trauma professional, she has made guiding military veterans, women, and marginalized populations through life’s challenges with resilience and strength a priority.

Crabb — who also offers services through UNLV’s Student Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) — conducts innovative workshops such as "Taking off the Cap: Transitioning out of the Military," "Superhero Stress Management," and "Superhero Relationship Management," which use the narratives of comics to relate valuable lessons in mental health and well-being. She also co-hosts a weekly podcast on 91.5 KUNV called “Let’s Talk, UNLV!”.


  • Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, Hawaii School of Professional Psychology
  • M.A., Clinical Psychology, Hawaii School of Professional Psychology
  • B.A., Psychology, City University of New York

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