Accomplishments: College of Fine Arts

December 3, 2019
Dafne Odette (Architecture) provided a presentation for the European Federation of Psychology Students Associations on the topic of experiential memory formation and retention through various measures that serve to trigger a memory. Her proposal went through a blind peer-review process, and there were more than 200 participants, including instructors and students, from schools of psychology throughout Europe.
December 3, 2019
Catherine Angel, Yasmina Chavez, Sapira Cheuk, Cara Cole, Alisha Kerlin, Wendy Kveck, Jung Min, Jean Munson, Jerry Schefcik, and Sean Slattery (all Art) have created exhibits this semester to highlight the creativity, research, learning, growth, and big ideas of their undergraduate and graduate students. More than 150 students have exhibited on and off campus as a result of this significant effort, some for the very first time.
December 2, 2019
Zully Mejia (Art) has an exhibit, "Self PorTRAITS,"  on view at the East Las Vegas Library until Feb. 9. The exhibit features realistic paintings of women the artist admires. She is an undergraduate.
December 2, 2019
Dak Kopec (Architecture) just returned from Prague in the Czech Republic and Vilnius in Lithuania where he delivered invited presentations. In Prague he spoke to more than 200 people for the European Federation of Psychology Students Associations on the importance of design within the psychosocial therapeutic process. He then flew to Vilnius to provide a lecture to the College of Architecture on the effects of war, climate change, monuments and memorials, and sociopolitical climates on people's...
November 22, 2019
Dave Rowe (Art) has taken the lead in the department of art this Fall to reinvent and reinvigorate the visiting artists program, sponsored by the College of Fine Arts. The department hosted or co-hosted 14 distinguished and award-winning visitors and speakers in a few short months. This programming brought the art community together in new ways. The public lecture component of the series averaged 100 attendees per lecture and many of the visitors spent time in art courses across the department...
November 21, 2019
William Bauer (History) and Fawn Douglas (Art) were featured speakers with Jack Malotte, an accomplished visual artist who focuses on Great Basin landscape, contemporary political issues faced by Native people, and environmental activism. Bauer proposed some historical/political context for Malotte's work. Douglas provided readings of some of Malotte's artworks and interviewed him from the stage. The event explored the motivations for Malotte's work and celebrated his imagination, which has...
November 20, 2019
Emily Budd (Art) will exhibit her work in a group show of 12 artists at the University of Arizona School of Art Joseph Gross Gallery from Nov. 22 through Jan. 23. The exhibit, The Snake Eats Its Tail, explores the relationship of creation to destruction with a particular focus on consumption in contemporary life.
November 19, 2019
Tiffany Lin (Art) spoke at the University of San Francisco in the fine arts program with design fundamentals students learning about social practice and socially engaged art. Tiffany lectured on her new project 23 VIEWS with an emphasis on strategies for successful collaboration and community engagement. 23 Views is a drawing series and social practice artwork that investigates the United States Census and its impact on collective understanding of race and ethnicity. The project is currently...
November 13, 2019
Susanna Newbury (Art) and Alana Fa'agai (English) presented their scholarship and teaching methods at the November 2019 National Humanities Conference in Honolulu. The panel, Localizing the Digital and Public Humanities, addressed the scaling of high-quality, humanities-based research to digital delivery methods for an audience of scholars, non-profit organizations, funding organizations, and members of the National Endowment for the Humanities staff and administration. Fa'agai is a doctoral...
November 12, 2019
Jennifer Bellor (Music) releases her new album, Reflections at Dusk, on Nov. 15. This album of six chamber works emphasizes shining sonorities — think vibraphones, harp, and wind chimes. Words like cerulean, amethyst, and indigo infuse the works’ titles. Most of the pieces are performed by Las Vegas-based musicians, both at UNLV and also from the Clark High School Symphonic Strings.
October 30, 2019
Marcus Civin (Art) has two artist interviews up on Maake Magazine, an independent artist-run print publication featuring contemporary artists and artist-run projects. Read his interviews online with Cleveland artist Jonah Jacobs and Montreal-based Joani Tremblay. Maake Magazine showcases the work of emerging artists to promote innovative and experimental contemporary artwork and foster conversation and community.
October 29, 2019
Michael Jarett (Dance) received the Richmond Theater Critics Circle Award for Outstanding Achievement in Lighting Design - Musical for his design of Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, produced by TheatreLAB in Richmond, Virginia, earlier this year. This was the second time Jarett has received the award, although he has been nominated nine times previously over the years, including three nominations this past season.  He was also nominated this past season for Outstanding...