Shahab Zargari

Communications Specialist, UNLV College of Fine Arts
Expertise: Film and Filmmaking, Video Production, Social Media, Arts Advocacy, Podcasts


Shahab Zargari is an award-winning filmmaker with a passion for art, photography, music, and creative advertising. He is currently working as the communications coordinator for the UNLV College of Fine Arts & Performing Arts Center, where he manages social media and produces video and general communications  for the departments of art, dance, film, theatre, the School of Architecture, the School of Music, and the Performing Arts Center.

After years of creating original YouTube and Vimeo content, Shahab jumped into serious filmmaking; producing notable works such as The Crystal Crypt (2013), Out of Time, Susannah's Lesson, and his most recent film, MY NAME IS ART, which is now making its way through the film festival circuit.



  • B.A., Sociology, University of California Irvine

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Shahab Zargari In The News

K.N.P.R. News
Monday is our open mic show. Where you and your views, ideas and opinions take precedent.Joining us is Shahab Zargari. He’s an award-winning Iranian-American filmmaker and faculty administrator in UNLV’s College of Fine Arts. He was on State of Nevada about a year ago promoting an album of cover songs created to support anti-suicide efforts through the Trevor Project.
Las Vegas Weekly
When a proposal to inject $190 million per year into Nevada’s film incentives program circulated in the Legislature, eyes turned to Las Vegas—and rolled in exasperation. The bill would also have expanded the state’s film tax credit program, provided for a pair of Vegas-based studio projects to help boost workforce development and larger productions, and bolstered Nevada’s film industry.
K.N.P.R. News
Record label owner. Filmmaker. Photographer. Communications guru for the UNLV College of Fine Arts. Shahab Zargari wears more hats than almost anyone else in Las Vegas’ creative community.
Las Vegas Weekly
Our country might still be mired in pandemic-born states of social isolation, but on the walls of Core Contemporary gallery in the Historic Commercial Center District, 20 artists meet in visual conversation. The occasion? The gallery’s second annual national juried art show, Use Other Door.