News: Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering

Traffic speeds past Greenspun Hall on Maryland Parkway
Campus News | February 6, 2015
A collection of news stories from 2014 highlighting the people and programs of UNLV.
closeup of a person using a calculator with a keyboard and mouse to the side
Campus News | January 21, 2015
UNLV removing some of the stumbling blocks for getting students interested in the science and engineering fields. The key: Get 'em while they're young.
Kwang Kim
Research | January 20, 2015
Engineering professor's research one day could save power companies millions and lead to decreased electricity cost for consumers.
Shahram Latifi
Research | January 14, 2015
Engineering professor Shahram Latifi draws on a breadth of knowledge to craft elegant solutions to problems fraught with complication.
Campus News | December 1, 2014
On display Dec. 4 are inventions from 36 teams, including a wheelchair controlled by the user’s scalp, an autonomous robot programmed to pick up toys, and a warning system that alerts distracted drivers to approaching emergency vehicles.
Business and Community | November 5, 2014
4-year-old Hailey Dawson can now practice her pitching and batting thanks to a team of UNLV engineers and affordable 3-D printing technology.
UNLV Engineering students have 4-year-old Hailey Dawson wearing Robohand
Campus News | November 5, 2014
Students worked to create a Robohand for 4-year-old Hailey Dawson using the college's 3-D printer.
Business and Community | October 23, 2014
Discussion will be moderated by Jason Mendenhall, executive vice president of Cloud at Switch
Campus News | October 21, 2014
Oh will create unmanned autonomous systems lab, head DARPA robotics challenge.
Campus News | October 15, 2014
National and university experts to discuss privacy, law and technology issues associated with aerial drone use.
People | October 13, 2014
Women going into engineering should take care not to fall victim to the "imposter syndrome," this professor advises.
Research | October 9, 2014
New supercomputer adds a jolt to UNLV research programs. Find out more about some of the projects that will be tapping into the system's processing power.