News: Department of Theatre

colorful artwork on utility box in front of apartment complex
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Designs on utility boxes at The Degree were created by College of Fine Arts students.

art illustration that shows a wolf, train, and other elements
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From classic plays to exciting new voices in American theatre, the season promises to be thrilling, thought provoking, joyous, and immediate.

man on stage surrounded by lights in a kaleidoscope effect
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After 28 years at UNLV, the retiring professor and faculty athletics representative will stay connected through Nevada Conservatory Theatre.

two couples dressed up in 19th century clothing
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This Jane Austen classic, adapted by Kate Hamill, runs through May 5 in the Judy Bayley Theatre.

exterior look of the composer showroom building
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Join NCT for this unique site-specific experience: five short plays told in and around cars will literally move you.

two men and one woman standing on a dim covered porch that looks out onto a farmyard
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The Nevada Conservatory Theatre is proud to present the 40th anniversary of MUD by María Irene Fornés; the show will run through March 31 in the Black Box Theatre. 

three individuals sitting on stone porch dressed in period costumes for play
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In this uncompromising drama about a people living in bleak poverty, a hopeful young woman is determined to overcome insurmountable circumstances.

colorful illustration of a person with a beard in a nun's outfit
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This UNLV Opera production of Le Comte Ory is a collaboration with the UNLV Department of Theatre/Nevada Conservatory Theatre.

empty performance stage with background that reads the composers room
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The series, 'Arts in the Center,' will run Feb. 28 to June 5 at Historic Commercial Center and will highlight works from CFA schools and departments.

shorts hanging on a clothes line
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The campus community can enjoy this special performance at 3 p.m. before heading into the weekend!

collage of six people
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The event, which will be held at Fontainebleau Las Vegas, honors those who have made a significant impact in the areas of visual arts, performing arts, or architecture.

pairs of denim shorts hanging on a clothes line
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A short play is nimble. A short play is surprising. They are poignant, fun, and irreverent. Directed by local Las Vegas artists.