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Nursing professor Yu Xu headshot
Research | June 24, 2010
Success of foreign-trained nurses boosted through communication skills training.
Research | June 24, 2010
Nursing professor hopes to prevent burnout in people caring for sick or elderly relatives.
Research | April 20, 2010
Cholesterol, Triglyceride Levels of 20 Previously Sedentary Men Improved Throughout 20-Year Exercise Program
Research | April 19, 2010
With the sounds and smells of a hospital assaulting their senses, nursing students learn from their mistakes in advanced training facility.
Research | April 1, 2010
Increasing the number of graduates is still a priority, but UNLV’s School of Nursing also seeks to build its research and enhance understanding of the endeavor.
Research | March 31, 2010
A unique, 20-year study found that regular exercise, especially if continued over time, significantly reduces the risk of coronary heart disease in middle-aged and older men.
People | March 18, 2010
UNLV researchers examine the places and spaces that encourage Nevadans to get physical.
Research | February 19, 2010
UNLV's state-of-the-art simulation center recreates the drama nurses experience every day.
Research | February 3, 2010
Elevated mercury levels in canned tuna may put your health at risk.
Shawn Gerstenberger
Research | January 28, 2010
UNLV Researchers Test Three National Brands’ Canned Tuna for Mercury; More than Half Exceed EPA Guidelines
Research | November 30, 2009
Research explores the natural attraction that kids with autism have for computers.
Research | July 22, 2009
Researchers find that artificial turf temperatures may be too hot for summer fun.