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A casino guest was shocked when they checked in to find that their hotel corridor was covered in what looked like blood stains. The gambler had arrived for a short stay and a flutter, but was disturbed at what they saw as a bizarre interior design option.
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At some point in our lives, many of us will have to give a talk to a large group of people. What does it take to be a highly effective public speaker? How can you improve your public speaking skills? How can you overcome a fear of speaking in public? What does it take to give a very interesting and engaging public talk? In this interview series called “5 Things You Need To Be A Highly Effective Public Speaker” we are talking to successful and effective public speakers to share insights and stories from their experience. As a part of this series, we had the pleasure of interviewing David G. Schwartz.
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Anna Bailey, the first Black showgirl on the Las Vegas strip, was in huge demand in the 1960s, but she couldn't even walk in the front doors at some of the same casinos where she performed. The Moulin Rouge, which opened in May of 1955, was the first casino Bailey worked when she moved to Las Vegas from New York. It was built in the majority Black West Side of Las Vegas so the hotel and casino could be integrated and it was the first racially integrated casino-resort in the country.
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Las Vegas may have a reputation for tearing down its old buildings, but there's one piece of history that still stands: The Golden Gate.
Las Vegas Review Journal
Las Vegas may have a reputation for tearing down its vintage buildings, but there’s one piece of history still standing: Golden Gate.
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For most of the country, buying a lottery ticket is as simple as driving to the nearest convenience store or gas station. But for some, getting their hands on a Mega Millions or Powerball ticket requires a trip to another state entirely.
First they rigged the stock market, then they set up casinos on a grand scale. Our history columnists tell how the Blanc brothers made big money in the 19th century.
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Casinos are continuing to enjoy year-over-year growth amid uncertain times, when people are dealing with higher costs of living. This goes to show that people remain willing to lay their money down at casinos with the ongoing economic challenges further boosting their appetite to gamble, according to David Schwartz, gaming historian and instructor at the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV).