Harriet E. Barlow In The News

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It's that time of year where high school students explore options for college and Friday UNLV welcomed hundreds of African American students to find out if they'd like UNLV to become their future home.
Las Vegas Review Journal
Harriet Barlow, who heads a multicultural academic resource center at UNLV, told a group of 275 African American students that she is “living proof of the value of higher education.”
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UNLV takes the wraps off this week on a new one-stop multicultural resource center that’s intended to serve one of the most diverse student populations in the country.
Inside Higher Ed
Paperwork aside, Title IX coordinators say their jobs take an unusual emotional toll and encourage peers to exercise self-care.
Las Vegas Sun
Women often come to Harriet Barlow with a question: “Can we have it all?” Her answer is always yes, but she advises them to have defined “all” as something they want, not what others may have told them to want.
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Diversity leadership talks focused on women