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Warning signs showed in the 18-year-old who committed the mass shooting at a Texas elementary school. A UNLV psychology professor, Dr. Sam Song explains the warning signs.
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An unfortunately familiar story for our nation.
Las Vegas Sun
Some district teachers, students place blame squarely on class sizes, but research on subject is mixed
After several days of classroom lockdowns when violent brawls broke out inside Desert Oasis High School in Las Vegas, Cherish Morgan had had enough.
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Three students were arrested Wednesday in three separate assaults on teachers and staff at Las Vegas Valley schools, the latest in a growing trend of violence throughout the Clark County School District that some experts and community leaders say is the culmination of a lack of comprehensive resources for children that has been exacerbated by the pandemic.
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The fight outside North High School in Denver was about to turn more violent as one girl wrapped a bike chain around her fist to strike the other. Just before the attacker used the weapon, school staff arrived and restrained her, ending the fight but not the story.
Film Threat
Samuel Song of the University of Nevada Las Vegas perceives school as a hierarchy, where students seek to obtain respect and popularity by putting others down. More often than not, minorities are at greater risk of being bullied and contemplating suicide, which the film tackles with great detail.
In 2014, the Obama Administration jolted the education world with a report detailing unfair and racist school discipline practices across the country. Sixteen percent of all black students were being suspended, more than three times the rate of white students.