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Las Vegas Sun
Social media sites such as X and Reddit would be flooded with videos of frightened students scrambling across the Maryland Parkway campus fearing for their lives, others posting messages that they were safe. Also included in the torrent were posts filled with inaccuracies that ignited a chain of misinformation.
Las Vegas Sun
Is there any information online that I can trust? After sifting through AI images, deepfakes, bots, trolls, ads and disinformation campaigns while just trying to casually peruse social media, I often think there isn’t.
It's been six months since the Nord Stream gas pipelines were ruptured by a series of explosions, leaking tons of methane into the environment and igniting an international whodunit. Russia, the United States, the United Kingdom, and an unnamed pro-Ukrainian group have all been accused of planting explosives on the Baltic Sea pipelines in recent months. But half a year since the sabotage took place, the mystery remains unsolved.
The Ukrainian Review
The initiative on the Safe Transportation of Grain and Foodstuffs from Ukrainian ports was signed on 27 July 2022. This agreement is supposed to decrease the impact of the Russian-Ukrainian war on developing the world food crisis. “The Ukrainian Review” has checked three widespread Russian fakes about this deal.
Tallahassee Democrat
When I read the sign posted at the St. Marks Headwaters Greenway off Baum Road, I wondered about its wording. It was direct and clear. What I wondered about was the psychology behind the words. How do you communicate a concern about arsonists and their activity that does not embolden them, but encourages them to reconsider?
The Ukrainian Review
Africa is the fastest-growing continent in the world, where 1.2 billion people live. How do people react in African countries to the Russian-Ukrainian war, where Russia has been working on its influence for years? What kind of propaganda narratives are being spread there and who does it? “The Ukrainian Review” has spoken with an independent researcher of Africa Marta Oliynyk-D’omochko and disinformation expert at UNLV Mary Blankenship, who analyzes the prevalence of pro-Russian disinformation on Twitter accounts based in Africa.
Coda Story
In late October the curtain came up on the second “Russia-Africa: What’s Next?” youth forum at the Moscow State Institute on International Relations on the edge of the Russian capital.
Global News
The Canadian government is “assessing next steps” in deciding whether it will pay to keep its Twitter accounts verified, the Prime Minister’s Office confirmed on Monday.