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It's not always simple, but here are questions to ask to make sure your kid's Halloween costume doesn't cross the line.
Every Halloween, the phrase "cultural appropriation" comes up in conversation — so, what is that? How do we explain it to children? And how can families make sure their Halloween costumes aren't distasteful?
The Christian Science Monitor
When Kenny Varner attended the 60th birthday party of a family member recently, he was somewhat startled after the conversation turned to the enduring appeal of “Goodnight Moon.”  
K.V.V.U. T.V. Fox 5
New funding opened a program at UNLV last year to attempt to make a dent in the teaching shortage at the Clark County School District. The first cohort graduated from the Professional Pathways Project this summer and are now teachers at the school district.
K.N.P.R. News
From teacher shortages to lack of resources, the Clark County School District’s struggles are nothing new. 
K.S.N.V. T.V. News 3
The effort to fill teaching positions in our Clark County public schools continues.
The University of Nevada Las Vegas has a program to encourage those who have not completed their studies to complete their studies and obtain their license to be educators in our state. 
The Nevada Independent
Twenty years ago, Lushawn Threats started an elementary education program at the College of Southern Nevada — the first step in the Cheyenne High School graduate’s lifelong dream of becoming a teacher.