Wonyong Oh In The News

verywell health
Late fall and winter are usually prime seasons for travel. People visit out-of-town friends and family for the holidays or head to warmer climates to temporarily escape the cold weather.
Las Vegas Review Journal
Danielle Richards was taking packages out of her car recently, wearing a face mask as she always does in public these days.
The European Business Review
The coronavirus has spread to every continent. The numbers of confirmed cases and death continue upward in many countries. Doctors and nurses around the world are trying to save patients, but it seems the number of patients who need treatment is greater than the medical care available in some countries like Italy and Spain, and previously in cities such as Wuhan, China and Daegu, South Korea.
The European Business Review
There has been increasing attention to self-driving cars, but business is still missing some key insights into how it will disrupt the industry landscape. This article shows how autonomous driving technology will disrupt several related industries, and proposes that “transpitality” (transportation + hospitality) will emerge as one of the new forms of business.
The European Business Review
Multinational corporations face the paradox of globalisation and localisation in expanding foreign markets. As the BTS’s success shows, the most effective globalisation strategy can be ‘being yourself’ if customers are willing to appreciate a company’s identity.
The Atlantic
Uniqlo was founded in 1984 in Hiroshima, Japan, as the Unique Clothing Warehouse—an ironic name for a manufacturer known for clothing that is in no way unique.