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PHLV Radio
August 21, 2020
"Racism and Nursing" with Angela Amar, Dean at UNLV School of Nursing and Minnie Wood, Lecturer/Clinical Instructor at UNLV School of Nursing. Hosted by Doris Bauer, President of the Philippine Nurses Association of Nevada - PNANV.
National League for Nursing
August 14, 2020
View a complimentary recording of the Inside Higher Education webinar recorded on August 14. Drs. Angela Amar, Lisa Day, and Jenny O'Rourke explored how shifts in course delivery impact curriculum and assessment. We know for certain that key foundational principles of good teaching hold consistent and will impact how today’s nursing students benefit from their nursing education in the unique context of COVID-19.
July 22, 2020
It’s strange how getting a haircut, grabbing a bite to eat and planning a vacation have become so fraught with a sense of anxiety verging on impending doom over the past few months.
KCLV Channel 2
July 2, 2020
Deans of the UNLV Dental and Nursing schools Lily T. Garcia and Angela Amar discuss ways medical professionals are working to make doctor visits safe.