Tyler D. Parry In The News

Black Perspectives
May 4, 2022
Our article tracks the brief but rich history of racial segregation in gaming and how this was shaped by the emergence of Jim Crow practices in casino policies and overt discrimination in hiring.
The New York Times
February 28, 2022
Once a symbolic way for enslaved people in the American South to recognize their marriages, modern couples say that this tradition is a way to honor those who did it before them.
Fry Electronics
February 28, 2022
The tradition of broom dancing at weddings has a long history that spans different cultures and continents.
Zinn Education Project
January 31, 2022
As the nation faces ongoing threats of white supremacist violence and voter suppression legislation, more than 200 scholars of U.S. history have signed an open letter urging school districts to devote more time and resources to teaching the Reconstruction era in upper elementary, middle, and high school U.S. history and civics courses.
The Nevada Independent
January 24, 2022
When Shanta Patton discusses the gap between Black and white homeownership rates, she starts with the game of Monopoly.
The Washington Post
January 23, 2022
The erasure of Black leaders from the most misunderstood period in American history
WLTX News 19
January 6, 2022
Many community members rallied at the State House Thursday to remember the January 6 attack and called for unity.
The Post and Courier
January 6, 2022
South Carolinians reacted to the one-year anniversary of the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol with marches and calls for renewed commitment to voting rights, while still continuing the partisan feud over what the riot meant.