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Las Vegas Review Journal
Seven years ago, a Walmart in the Sunrise Manor neighborhood of northeast Las Vegas closed, leaving the area without a full-fledged grocery store. Until now.
U.S.A. Today
Just being a pedestrian is far more dangerous for Black and Hispanic Americans as compared to white Americans, a recent study found.
In 2019, a team of researchers in Las Vegas set out to show that drivers can be less likely to stop their cars for someone crossing the street in front of them depending on the pedestrian's skin color or gender. They ran a simple test - they sent a white woman, a white man, a Black woman, and a Black man to cross residential streets in suburban Las Vegas, where the speed limit was 35. They took note of which cars hit the brakes and which ones sped on by.
Las Vegas Review Journal
As one in 10 of Nevada’s seniors face food insecurity, two leading food banks in the state are trading tips on how to help their community.
Mail & Guardian: Thought Leader
Some call it sauce. Others call it “that thing”. Call it what you like but South Africans have it in bucketloads. It is that je ne sais quoi to take even the crudest of behaviours to new levels.
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
There are now at least four dollar stores within a 5-mile radius of my home in Johns Creek.
While other U.S. retail stores are disappearing, dollar stores are popping up everywhere. In fact, the two biggest operators added 942 storefronts over a recent 12-month stretch, for a total of more than 31,000 sites. That's more than all the McDonald's and Starbucks outlets in the U.S. combined.
Business is booming at the nation’s largest dollar-store chain and it’s due in no small part to America’s growing appetite for groceries under shutdown.