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Las Vegas Sun
When UNLV senior Elia Del Carmen Solano-Patricio looked out the window of her Airbnb in Irvine, Calif., she saw flames rising in the nearby mountains and scorch marks on the ground. A wildfire was approaching the apartment, where she had moved from Las Vegas during the pandemic to be closer to family.
Las Vegas Sun
A 2020 study from UNLV’s Brookings Mountain West and The Lincy Institute on the urban heat island effect found that Las Vegas “ranked as the most intense urban heat island in the United States in both daytime and nighttime metrics between 2004 and 2013.”
Las Vegas is a famously watchful place. Casino cameras keep tabs on players and dealers from the walls, tables, and ceilings. Analytics software tracks and predicts credit-card swipes, game preferences, and buffet choices. Occupancy levels are closely counted; peculiar behaviors noted. It’s all with an eye to lock down the vast stores of cash that keep Sin City afloat. To keep the odds in its favor, the house is always watching.
As the world goes digital, cybersecurity is becoming more and more important. Take, for example, the recent breach of Equifax credit monitoring, which exposed personal information of more than half of all Americans.
Digital Journal
Axiom Cyber Solutions today announced a strategic partnership with Dr. Ashok Sudhakar, a research professor at UNLV’s Office of Public Policy and Leadership and owner of Academy of Cybersecurity and Technology (ACT). This partnership will allow Axiom and Dr. Sudhakar to bring together regulatory compliance in the healthcare industry with world leading cybersecurity assessments and technology.
K.N.P.R. News
The diversification of Nevada’s population and economy prompted the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce and UNLV to create an education program for professionals interested in better understanding government operations in the Silver State.